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what video games you are currently playing?

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  • what video games you are currently playing?

    Battlefield 1 : Personally I think this game was a lot more enjoyable to play to be honest with you. One reason why is because of the skill factor needed to play it. Literally anyone can play it and have a good time without needing to worry if your jet get's shot down once again due to a missile you haven't unlocked, getting pwned by someone 100 levels away with crazy and ridiculously powerful guns, or just by crazy environments. This game as perfectly balanced a lot of things such as the weapons and vehicles. Leveling up also seems to be easier than the past games that took forever to get something of worth. The soundtrack and story campaign was orchestrated beautifully and made me want to listen to it again and again. But however this game does have a few flaws. The story/campaign was a bit shorter than I expected for a non perfectionist player and there were only about 50ish weapons in total compared to the countless offered in the past games. Also, the lack of customization in the whole weapons concept concerned me a bit other than the skins (Which are great as they aren't too flashy and "CoDish" and are how weapons skins are supposed to be like.) The lack of vehicles also concerned me but that is understandable. Overall. This game was worth every single penny I paid

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    Righ now i do enjoy gaming for free, like Warframe or PoE, it's up to you what you like the most, shooters of RPGs. Warframe brings you some colorful shooting range, but PoE gives you infinite grind possibilities. Possibilities that wide, that sometimes you need to buy exalted orbs to get it done, as it's doesn't have some regular currency system.


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      For a month I play the coolest free games for adults on the site There is a very large selection of different genres and it is constantly updated. If you are looking for free and quality games, then do not waste time and visit the site to see the hot game scenes.


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        I've been playing some online games for years and totally like it. Evenings when it's cold outside and you have people you enjoy talking to and they are online , why shouldn't you go for it. And i'm going for and feeling totally fine with it. Shouldn't you try the same?


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          I'm currently playing at this website , I don't know if it should be considered video game. In all fairness it is playable on pc, smartphone or even on a tablet. Amazing games, really. My dad taught me how to play blackjack, now I'm using that knowledge to pay off my student loans. It's going slow, but steady.


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            Right now I'm playing Rockstar GTA Online! But I like GTA V more, Trevoorrr


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              Did you know that you can play android games on your computer?
              There is a special software that allows you to do this, Nox App Player is one of them

              This program is absolutely free and suitable for computers running on a Windows system.
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