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Reliability of DVD-R

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  • Reliability of DVD-R

    A while ago I read somewhere that some DVD-R discs don't last long, for example, after a year you may discover that your files are broken/the dvd is unreadable. This made me a little paranoid because I keep my whole anime collection on DVD-R's..
    What are your experiences? How do you store your anime?

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    I think there's some truth to that. I've seen CD-Rs and DVD-Rs go bad after only a year or two. Generally they were the cheaper ones.

    I keep my anime/movies on DVD-R or on hard-disk. Either that or I buy them, if possible.
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      All the info you'll ever need:
      (Well almost all. )

      Generally, most CD-Rs and DVD-Rs use cyanine, which potentially can last 30-100 years, but are extremely sensitive to light and heat. So that's just something to keep in mind.

      Of course, by the time any of our crap gets that old I'd be willing to bet we'll be using flash based storage for everything, which lasts damn near forever and is near impossible to destroy (unless intentionally).
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        for now the one i had the most trouble where the sony ,the benq and the ricoh i avoid these now,i buy verbatin,maxell and memorex philips and dont have any trouble whit thease,for the dvd,whit the normal cd-r ,i had trouble whit samsung,benq i use memorex black moon all the way for cdr well thease day i rarely use a cdr lol
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          Well, everything has to wear away eventually. I have problems reading some old CDs I go back to but with a good optical drive, I managed to extract the data slowly but surely. Then it's the decision to make a new copy of them or not onto the bigger DVD-Rs these days

          Funny a few CDs of mine are Kodak and they have Phthalo Cyanine dye. A friend used them when he was a "newbie" with CD writing and they were definitely a little more expensive than your average media discs.

          Oh well, best buying the retail copies if you really plan to keep them as part of a treasured collection
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            I wouldn't trust the ads that CD and DVD will last forever. I have some CD-r's going out already, they are about 5 years old. I built a cheap comp with 1 terabyte of hard drives to house all my anime. Going to build the second station soon. Comp USA has 250 maxtor(Piece of crap) for 79 no rebates, but fry's has a 200G seagate for 39 after rebate, just buy 5 of these and build a station, nice cheap solution.
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              I had dvd-r disks that messed up after using them in my laptop. I suspected it might of been the heat from the small space inside the laptop drive. dvd+r on the other hand have never failed me.


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                white ninja yup you right ,maxell and memorex have lasted me very long.on a pack of 100 memorex 8x only 2 where defective ,benq lasted me 3 month jesus over a pack of 200 45
                where defective,and i had to recopy them on other media they teribly suck.Ricoh where the worse,lots of then where not readable soon afther they where burn i was thinking at start that my dvd burner was dying so i buy a new one,same trouble the complete batch was defective,never buy then lol .One of my budy had the same trouble whit princo ,there a good link for the review of blank media
                Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could live seemingly constant lives,while experiencing little changes bit by bit.