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Total equality of genders or balanced genders

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  • Total equality of genders or balanced genders

    Just something I thought of today. I thought of which would bring more peace, having both genders in possession of totally equal rights or balanced genders(one gender gets one thing, another gender gets another)

    I decided that having both genders have totally equal rights would be the best(observing the laws of nature and science, like a man cannot give birth to a child).

    What do all of you think?

    no personal attacks per forum rules please.
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    I doubt it could ever happen. Not sure if it happens too often, but since men can't claim they were raped by a woman, gender equality seems to be a long shot. If a guy claims a woman raped him no one in the jury nor the judge would believe him. They'd let the woman win, and call the guy an idiot for even suggesting it. But if a guy touches a girl the wrong way, or just makes a comment, it's an instant lawsuit. Things are just double edged for certain things. Like how women call men pigs because we're always checking them out, even though we sometimes can't help it, and men think some women are sluts because of how they dress, it basically boils down to appearance and actions. Either way you look at it everyone's opinion is wrong in some way



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      Total equality between genders, but without AA bullcrap.

      Meaning that when a woman joins the military, she would be eligible for ALL positions, whether combat or non-com. However she would get no breaks on account of her gender, and will be expected to be put up to the same standards as the male soldiers.

      True gender-blindness in short.

      Of course my political orientation biases me towards that, so it's probably not very practical (going back to that example, female soldiers have special "needs" that would have to be taken into consideration.). In addition, like the poster above me says, there's still serious problems in our society that we would need to look into to have such a thing.
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        Hmm difficult to answer... In my own language there is a subtitle diff between "gelijkheid" and "gelijkwaardigheid"
        The first one meaning total equality, the other one implying both genders are of equal value, but with their own specifics.

        I'm rather in favor of the second, woman and men arent entirely the same (biggest part culture, and some/a little nature) but that doesnt mean we have the right to force male or female social roles on either man or female.
        The ideal is an environment where each person can him/herself loose of gender-bias...
        utopia...but worth striving for.
        If a society or work/social environment is too rigid and set in its ways a forced equality is a good steppingstone towards true gender equality . . but it is just that : a tool, a steppingstone and should be lifted as soon possible.

        I hate what certain feminists have done to todays north-western europe's society. they havent "liberated" women, they just changed their chains from the chains of family and housekeeping to the chains of capitalism/work. they made so called male charecteristics their own to succeed in business... instead of introducing their own characteristics into the game.

        Its just sad.....(btw works the other way arround also... gender roles are just social CONSTRUCTS, meaning mankind made them..and thus can change them..oh well I'll stop here or I'll keep on rambling )

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          Actual differences between sexes aren't nearly exaggerated as some people think.
          And stop bullshitting. what sort of 'female characteristics' do you expect women to bring to 'the game'? nonsense


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            hmm.. equality to genders eh?
            well your lil suggestion works well in words, but in reality, I will guarantee you my life, it will never happen.

            As Fusilier said, within the military, equality with women just won't work at times. And an example of this is women working on submarines. I mean seriously, at least in the US, you never see a female working in a sub for a tour. And the reason is that men will always out ratio women. And thus will become a "distraction" to men. And this "distraction" applies to many areas of works too... even in the reverse way of a all-female school.

            And then apply the "average" build (muscle mass) of what women vs. men can do... and poof.... the gender equality thing splits.
            Some ideals are just not viable...

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              Originally posted by KingVoirtigo
              First step for equality or balanced. Remove segregated bathrooms, shower, dressroom, and college dorms(wink) from all over the world.
              I like where you're going with this ^_^
              SUPPORT EQUALITY!! YAY!!


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                No more urinals?


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                  i completely agree with KingVoirtigo,
                  that will sure set things up
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                    Damn, that'd mean I wasted my time learning the art of being a peeping tom.

                    Edit: "True equality between genders will never happen." - I agree with this statement.
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                      Naaaahh it won't happen for a couple of reasons first of them being since neither side wants it to be. Think about it from almost any stand point and it's odvious we don't want equal rights. Let's start with the feminist shall we?

                      They wine about how women don't have equal rights and are unjustly exploited. Who are they talking about when they mention that?
                      Erotic dancers who make lots of money not being forced to do anything they don't want to and women who aren't qualified for a job. This may seem sexist(and is) but it is true. In the case of Erotic dancers it's odviously jealousy of them since those women are making decent livings with large salaries(more than me and I'm a computer builder)with tips from men who they make horny then go home to their wives or to prostitutes and well need I say more. Of anything men are being manipulated and they get paid to do so. Exploitation yeah right they mostly just fell unattractive from all the good looking women which is why they don't care if men dance on polls. Let's see they want women to stop dancing but not men yeah that's equal.
                      In the case of woman who aren't qualified for a job I take from my own experience. On the hiring sheet there is a quota to fill on having women work for you. Because of this I had to hire some girl who didn't know a HD drive from a CD drive. Why? Because the company(which is small) would have been shut down just because we didn't have any women working. Femenism at work here as I had about 3 different guys who were fully qualified but couldn't hire because of "equality". Now that's bullshit if I've ever seen it. To add to the situation when we did let her go after finding a qualified woman she had the gull to take us to court saying we were discriminating again her gender. Fortunatly for us the judge apparently had quite alot of knowledge on computers(geeky judge, who'd a thought) and we were saved. Thanks Feminism for trying to destroy a small company. Tell why there is a quota of one women worker? That is far from equal.

                      Next let's look from another standpoint such as well I can't think of any other stand point that thinks things should be equal other than the above since they're the only one argueing. Someone name another party who's argueing.

                      Me I already thing we have equal rights. Someone tell me what's so unbalanced about them except that only men can be drafted in the army.

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                        I guess I'll be one of the few daring enough to say... true equality does not and should not exist. Don't get me wrong... I'm all for rights being the same. But everyone is not created equal and the same applies to genders. While most people from both genders are capable of the majority of tasks you could give them... not all of them are. I'm sorry but not everyone is capable of being a world class athlete or theoretical physicist or creating the next Rembrandt or producing the next great sonata or understanding that complex movie plot that they you say have to watch over to understand... etc. Even if they put forth the same exact effort/dedication and exactly the same attempt... they just aren't all capable of the same. The beauty of people is in their different strengths and weaknesses. Imagine a world with everyone being the same... it would suck (it would be conformity central). Men and women are different and that's as it should be. Sure you can generalize by saying that men and women can do all the same things (except bear children)... but you would be looking at the exceptions. Men and women are different mentally and physically. Yes you can find men who think like women and women with the strength of men but they are the exceptions (even though there are a lot of them). Again that's part of the beauty of having different sexes. Differences and uniqueness is what makes us human.
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                          I'd like to add my opinion as one of the ... well... old-ies ?? here too.

                          The equality of the genders should refer to the legal issues and to the issues of dignity, grace and respect towards the other.

                          But both genders also should accept to be different by nature, and try to make these differences a benefit to a relationship, combinig powers.
                          Women are better capable of certain things then men and vice versa.
                          I think the conflict on the issues of equality of the genders is a result of disregarding the unfortunately nature given differences between man and woman and mixing legal issues with the differences in physical and mental abilities of the sexes.

                          And after reading NeoZeeds post over, I fully agree with him.
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                            This is one of those things that will never happen, short of everyone in the world becoming unisex. The presumption itself doesn't work.


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                              In my college there a department complitely devoted women. to make sure there treated equal and stuff of the sort. I find this extremely offenceive. such a serive should be part of student relations and employee relations. I can under stand have a few people focusing on women if there is a large enough deman, but a whole department, it's just making the equality problem worse.

                              Can't this women see that the only way are equality laws will be respected is if the act as are equals, problems of equality should be handled by the cuurrent system. If they make a new system all the men will think that they are different in the eyes of the law. And since most of the worlds power is still held by men those views may become true, then we're back at square one.

                              You can't simpley free slaves and the next day have them as equals (medaphorictly speaking.) it's to fast, it creates unrest. (k.k.k. would be the case and point) such changes must be made slowly over many generations. That way those recieving the equal rights, will know there place in the world and be greatful for it. and when true equality is finally reached they will be seen as equals and they won't cry prejudice every time something bad happens. Not tring to generize but a fair number of women, (and people who's race was once subjectated by the euro powers) do.

                              All to often I see some one abuising the system, and acting as if they are the victoms, where they truth is, more often that not, that people are prejudice towards them because they have done nothing to earn the respect of there peers. There's a reason why men still stand on top of the free world. it's because a handful of women spoil everything for there entire sex. so ladies when something bad happens, deal with it your self, be strong, earn my respect, and then I will treat you as my peer, just like men do. If thats to tough, get in the kichten and stay there until your ready for equality.

                              (disclaimer: as allway no offence inteaded, just try to make a point. that point is "liberty is is not free". I hold many women in a high graces, just not those who giggle out of trouble and pass the buck costently, all the while demaning the same right and freedoms as the hard working sap who they just passed the buck too. Many men have the same vice but it doean't seem as wide spread.)
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