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  • A beautiful mind.

    Today something came across in my mind. Why do people go for the exterior and not for what people are really worth which is the mind. A person with good personality has such beauty that it makes the exterior seem nothing or not even a matter because when you think about it, the mind stays with the person forever but not the looks.

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    Because people are shallow and morons.

    That's the only reason I can think of.


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      Actually, people's minds can change. Haven't you heard about mental deteriorating? Nothing stays the same.

      Now body build, although being one of the key components towards attraction needs to be boistered by heavy amounts of charisma. Charisma has little to do with true personality but rather the output of your personality perceived by others.

      Question, how is someone going to be attracted towards another person's Id before running into the ego output? I know you can't judge a book by it's cover, but the cover exists to try to get you to open the book.
      ~"Truth" is measured by perception and perception is always subjective. Truth is in the eyes of the beholder.~


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        it is true that at the beginning people look at another person and see them from the outside. but then as you get to know somebody your feelings can change about them. when i first saw my girlfriend she actually stopped me in my tracks, and i started to talk with her and fell in love. i have a case where i saw her from the outside, and then as i got to know her fell in love with her mind, not just her appearance. but a lot of people are just shallow, and no matter how bad a person is they still want them because they look 'cool' or 'hot'. and that is bull sh**!!! and i think a lot would agree with this.


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          Because appearance are what nature assigned to be indictors of attractibility, as well as others. Many decisions we unconsciously make are not direct interpretations of what our conscious mind chooses, but a subconscious decision that is fed to our conscious mind, like an inevitable spasm or uncontrollable twitch.

          For some of us, however, appearance has another indication. Myself, for an example, have found that how a person look generally reflect their personality. It has thus far never fail me, not even once, which must mean something, at the very least. Maybe it is a system within all of us to notice genetical cues from studying the pattern of another's physical signs, maybe something else all together. Naturally, it is not foolproof, it has it's limitations in its range of acquisition and, as well, it would crumble completely when it comes to people who are disfigured or had plastic surgery.

          Secondly, based on some scientific findings, we are naturally more attractive/friendly to those people who bare some physical similarities to us, the saying that lovers usually share some similar physical appearance is not entirely unfounded. It is also believed, however, that we are attracted to those that resemble us very much, in more of a kinship manner than sexual attraction.

          Take myself for an example (again), the characters I like in animes or even just images, always seem to resemble me rather closely appearance wise, and perhaps coincidentially, I usually find out later that their personality is akin to mine as well, which I must say is rather amusing. I could always speculate.

          When all is done and said, it all eventually lies with the individual involved. People prefer exterior to interior for many reasons, as well as some who prefer interior to exterior. Lastly, I could not say which is the better one, or whom is more superficial (though the word itself indicates exterior), because eventually, mind and body are both one and the same.
          "If you give us a fair suck of the save, we won't come the raw prawn with you, okay?" - Stuart Moore


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            so much wisdom from all your posts. It gives me good feedback.^^

            Back in the olden days you could have looks and still be a good person in the heart. Now it seems looks can be decieiving and there is a rarity in some people to still be like that(good looks good personality). It's real sad when I think about it.


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              TTHX said it very well.

              but yea, people do change some though.

              just more of the shallow types wont

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                Beauty is what attracts you in the first place no?


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                  Couldn't a persons looks be based on how their general mindset is?

                  Remember that that exterior beauty can be hidden easily. Interior beauty is a bit harder to hide.

                  There are more adjectives that can be used to describe looks other than beautiful and ugly.(fugly can sometimes come to mind J/k.
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                    exterior appearance always sets the first impression.i suppose its the first thing we can see with our own eyes and since interior beauty is something we can't see,it takes time to find and understand them.

                    special thanks to Shamensyth.


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                      because you can't tell personality from a photo or a scripted video for that matter.

                      Producers don't need to think twice about putting good-looking people over porkers on TV.
                      See you on the streets, ok?


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                        Well, call me shallow, or whatever, but exterior beauty does matter to me. It's
                        not everything, of course, but it is what initially catches my attention. Getting
                        to know someones mind takes quite some time, especially for people like me who
                        aren't very socially outgoing.


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                          Originally posted by jinjin
                          Well if you are doing voice over animation then your physical appears doesn't matter as much as your voice. Same thing for people working in call centers, radio announcers, and a number of other similar professions.
                          Apparently, as I recall, there are people out there specializing in voice recognition, who are said to be capable of determining a person's age, gender, height, and approximate body weight by simply listening to their voice. I cannot say for certain how accurate they are however, but I assume reading facial features are impossible.

                          As of current, I still could not tell why exterior-centric people are instantly branded as shallow. Seemingly, they are branded as shallow simply "because", no good reason given that I have observed, other than perhaps that they don't take the time to understand someone before coming to conclusions.

                          Now, on a personal level, I am neither for nor against people who are exterior-centric, but I would love to see an even level of discussion, and with that said, I am going to present a list of possibilities that why exterior-centric are not as shallow as some might think they are.

                          Firstly, it is believed that we are all capable of making hasty but accurate judgment of people to a varying degree of success that differ from individual to individual. It is a natural device to be able to size-up possible mates by physical appearance alone (note 1), and it's accuracy must be dependable for it to be useful.

                          Secondly, the saying that looks can be deceiving might not be entirely true. It is possible to fool nature's detectors, but it does not guarantee success. For an example, a study US military cadets found that most who went on to achieve high ranks share similar characteristics (note 2). As of currently, I am not aware that there are make-ups good enough to hide prominent eyebrow and jawline, so it is safe to say that looks can be deceiving, but only to a certain degree.

                          Lastly, it is important to note that many factors in our lives could overwrite our personality. This is as it is, some of the only reason why we sometimes find looks to be deceiving. A crook can suddenly be indoctrinated in Christianity, believe it, and become a staunch Christian, giving up his life of crime forever, for an example.

                          With all that said, what any of you make of it, is your perogative. Personally, I conclude that judging a person by physical appearance is not without merit, beauty may be skin deep, but our skin is very important afterall.

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                          "If you give us a fair suck of the save, we won't come the raw prawn with you, okay?" - Stuart Moore