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    I am 16 on top of that, I am an Asian. So my english might not be well, please guide me I need your helps, give some comment on the words below which i would like to sent it to my beloved through a love letter.

    I wish I could tell you in person... every time I try, I just freeze up. I end up joking and laughing about something else. I want to tell you that I love you, and that I've loved you for a very long time.

    I just want you to know how I feel. I hope I can tell you in person someday.

    i-i-is th-is o-k-a-y?

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    the net is possibility the worst place you can go to for love advice.
    I'm not legendary


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      I love you too man
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        With all the stuttering, you might turn her off. Best to approach it with dignity and courage to say it right then and there. If she says she is seeing someone else or is not interested in you suck it up. Life isn't everything you expect it to be. But you never know unless you ask if want to go out with her

        P.S. If all else fail there's always surprise secks >
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          DO NOT send her your message through a letter. Tell her in person.

          Get her alone with you in a private place. Then relax, look into her eyes, hold her hands and tell her. This way, even if you freeze up, she should know what you are going to say. If she feels the same way, she just might break in and tell you her feelings instead.

          Good luck


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            I'd have to agree with Bunnygirl, and recommend telling this to her face to face. I think it's better for both of you if you can tell each other how you feel through talking rather then writing a's just alot more personal. Don't worry about seizing up...i'm sure you'll be able to say how you really feel once you start.


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              a big no-no
              love letters are synonymous to cowards and stalkers

              i agree w/ bunnygirl, it's better face to face
              but i prefer the subtle approach in professing my love...
              like in jokes and sorts...
              not too serious, you might freak her out
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                Originally posted by shiracld View Post
                not too serious, you might freak her out
                Good point...

                Don't do it with jokes though. Don't confess your love to her up front. Just ask her out as a good start. Later on if things are going well between you two, you can tell her.


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                  I agree, face to face is best. Even if it seems hard, just work up the courage and tell her. Pick a good time and place, plan what you want to say (so you won't freeze up as easily), and then just do it! Good luck. ^_^


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                    you should absolutely play death metal in the background! well, maybe not..


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                      Originally posted by peacius View Post
                      you should absolutely play death metal in the background! well, maybe not..
                      F*ck yeah! Make it Black Metal, though, and then do some growling while telling
                      her all that stuff, whatever it was. It will be awesome!


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                        Don't write letters, letters are for failures, say it in person or don't say it.


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                          NO you should play some dramatic music in th background. Like tadadadadaaaaa...
                          -Juliette, I love you!
                          -Oh Romeo its the most romantic thing i could ever hear from you! Wheres my wedding ring?
                          -w00t GTFO!


                          You should really ask her in person. I recall receiving a crush note on the valentine's day, and it was so totally weird.
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                            This is how I look at things. I can understand on some subjects it's cool to ask for the opinion of others, but generally that opinion will change from person to person.

                            YOU'RE the one dating this chick (at least I hope so). She's not dating us so obviously she likes something about you. In my opinion, you just be yourself and if you really know her well (no offence, but you should if you can say the big "I love you") you should have a general idea of how it will go.

                            If she the cute quiet type? (letter) Is she more personal? (Person to person) There's a million other questions I could ask you. I won't lie to you it's either a hit or miss. Meaning it can either be really good or a disappointment. You decide whether it's worth that risk and I implore you to make sure it's the right time to say it too.

                            To level with you my immediate reaction was "letter? That's kind of a distant way of telling someone something BIG". Personally, I think the love letters are for AFTER you sort of make a general confession of love. However, I mentioned it to the girlfriend and she thought it was cute, but depended on the girl.

                            Either way lil buddy, you keep us posted on whatever you decide and best of luck with it.


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                              I agree with RichENT, you should do what you can, and what you think is most fitting for the situation. Telling her in person will send a serious message across, and you will most likely know her response soon after. Using a letter maybe unreliable and rather inpersonal. I think you'd be better off writting a nice letter to her, and giving it to her after you tell her how you feel in person. Don't be afraid. If you go through with it, you'll have nothing to be ashamed of no matter what the result may be.
                              Good Luck