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  • best fighting style

    What is the best fighting style? personally i have two choices
    1) Jeet Kun Do- theoretically the best since it is forever adaptive to any situation regardless
    2) Beserker- The timeless crazy fighting style guaranteed to scare(?)/defeat any foe with murderous intent

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    though not the best. i used to do Wing Chun, which is my style of fighting (very defensive type)

    and as you said theoretically, JKD is the best because it requires you to adapt to certain situations. I think as Bruce Lee said, 'When water is poured into a cup, it becomes the cup'

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      Tai Chi. Why? Because my kung fu is better than yours. Actually it's because of the health benefits -- lower blood pressure, strong legs, relaxing movements and healthy joints. Plus as a martial art, it is considered one of the highest levels in the martial art world. Tai Chi never uses force against force. The Chinese refer to Tai Chi's fighting strategy as Wise Force.


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        Hit & Run, chicken style. Always work, always annoying.


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          My opinion Jeet Kun Do, as Bruce Lee made it famous! However, the best fighting style is created by Wong Fei Hung, or rather his fighting style - he was famed for his skill in Hung Kuen. He had mastered the Iron Wire Fist, Five Forms Fist, Vanquishing Fist, and and of course the most famous was the Drunken Fist and the Shadowless Kick (it is said that the shadowless kick could never be learnt by anyone else, it is recorded that this kick destroys all the main organs in a human body, the heart would be fine, it is said he would only use this move against the evilist of all opponents where they would endure the last moments of their lives in suffering pain)
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            Originally posted by BOiNG!
            Hit & Run, chicken style. Always work, always annoying.

            LOL ...........but, Jeet Kun Do, i think is the best overall


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              Crazy fight by far.


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                Originally posted by evilwhat
                Crazy fight by far.
                What the hell is that?! LOL! And I thought I just downloaded the wrong clip or somethin' (thought it was a clip from a mental institute). It's like someone just went bonkers & go ape-crazy (actually, most apes are much more civilized that that).


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                  I'd like to know what fighting style is being taught in this video



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                    Probably with a gun?, that would sure make it easy... haha


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                      there is no "Best" fighting style, in reality...
                      anyhow... i use a combination of Hap Ki Do (Way of the combined power/energy... i found this out while translating the equivelant chinese characters ^^; ), Tae Kwon Do (which i really don't find useful....), Street fighting, and various weapons training that i have taken over the years

                      i guess in the end it's kinda my own fighting style that i don't like to show off ^^;

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                        well...that video could be anything. i am no expert.

                        i like to think it's Aikido though.

                        my favourite style is ninjutsu.

                        i would learn it too if i were really small and of samurai-class in 17th century japan...

                        ..but alas...

                        we must to find out what to do with it


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                            The joke use to be :

                            Gun Fu, just pull out the Gun and shoot!

                            but the truth I'd say there really is no ultimate fighting style. all the martial arts come from Kung fu. It is up to how good the person develops their skills, but remember every person's skills are different.

                            but if a person is going to use the martial arts for just straight out fighting(fighting just to be fighting with no purpose) they truly don't deserve to be taught it. the martial arts should be for defense only!!!

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                              Originally posted by evilwhat
                              Crazy fight by far.
                              Ah, the famous "chicken on Lsd" fighting style
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