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  • IRC Channel (slightly updated for dummies)

    Come join the staff and many other Hongfire members @ our IRC Channel.

    Channel Name: #HF-Network
    Sub Servers:

    Not only we have our BitTorrent service but if you are looking for something that's not around here, check out the mIRC channel. Help serve and get a bigger database of fserve to get those anime, cgs and games going around.

    go here to get the mIRC client.

    mIRC for Dummies (especially for those who just complain)

    After installing mIRC, run the program. You may see a connect popup box with connection options. Click cancel.

    Type either /server OR /server to connect to the network.

    Now that you are connected, type /nick <yourdesirednicknamehere>

    Type /join #HF-Network to join our channel.

    If you followed all the proper steps, you should have successfully joined's IRC channel.

    Note: Sometimes Rizon does have some difficulty and some members are unable to connect. Just leave your IRC on for awhile and you should be able to connect sooner or later. If you cannot connect within 1 day or so, then something else must be wrong.

    You may need to double check your internet connection for firewall or blocked ports before you can successfully connect to IRC. Also when you connect, try typing /server 6668 to use the 6668 port rather than the default 6667 port which mIRC generally uses.

    P.S. Please do join because when we get 200 members, we get our own personal bot from Rizon's network

    Simplistic mIRC Frequently Asked Questions Guide

    What is mIRC?

    mIRC stands for messenger internet relay chat. mIRC utilizes the capabilities of a Internet Relay Chat network. The IRC network is a virtual meeting place where people from all over the world can meet, talk and even share files.

    Who and what is Nickserv?

    Nickserv is the server that manages the nicknames used in mIRC. Somewhat like how you register your account for our forum, these functions are accessed through nickserv. When you start mIRC, first you must choose a nickname that is not taken. If you get a message from Nickserv saying
    Originally posted by Nickserv
    This nickname is registered and protected.
    That means the nickname is taken and you must choose another one. To change your nickname, type "/nick insertnicknamehere". Now if Nickserv doesn't say its registered and protected, type "/msg nickserv register yourpasswordfornicknamehere youremailaddresshere". Then it should say that the mIRC network has sent you an email. Follow the instructions there and registration should be complete.

    Who and what is Chanserv?
    Chanserv is like nickserv except Chanserv manages chat channel functions. Chat Channel functions are used only by the operators and half operators of that channel.

    Why is no one chatting in the mIRC Channel??? Boring!
    At certain times of the day, people are afk (Away From Keyboard) so that they do not chat. Think of it this way. On MSN Messenger, you have a contact list. Think of the mIRC user list as a contact list too but you can chat with all the people on that list at one time or 1 on 1 via Private Messaging (PM). However on MSN, sometimes people are away. So just like in mIRC, people can be away on it as well!

    What's the mIRC channel used for?
    As I said before, people on the channel have a script (or more commonly known as a program of some sort) which allows you to request for files like anime and mp3s. If you want to look up a list of people who serve files, type !list. People also have scripts which you play around with for amusement.

    mIRC Hongfire Channel Rules

    Even our mIRC channel have rules too!

    Rule #1:

    Do NOT spam multiple lines of garbage. No one wants to see you type LOL x1000 or see a huge block of text that would scroll the whole mIRC channel. (Scroll means to push chat logs upwards)

    Rule #2:

    Do not type !list or @find within 30 seconds of joining the channel. Doing so will earn you a temporary ban from our channel.

    Rule #3:

    Do not join and part instantly. Our scripts will catch that and consider you as a bot and ban you.

    Rule #4:

    Please do not abuse our scripts. Our scripts are here for your pleasure but we do not appreciate it when people spam them or abuse them in any way. If we catch you abusing our scripts, we will take action.

    Rule #5:

    Be courteous and respect every member and staff. Disruptive members and those with poor negative attitudes will be kicked out and temporarily banned. Incase of repeated offender, banned permanently from the channel.
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