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What's your dream car and why?

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  • What's your dream car and why?

    I think everyone have a dream car, that we wish to have but too poor to get.

    Tell us what your dream car is and why.

    My dream car is
    Lamborghini Reventón

    It looks just sick and the interior feels like driving an airplane.
    What screen resolution are you using in 2016?

  • Well I have never been much of a car person but I saw this on an episode of Entourage one time and I was like yeah I would not mind having this
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    • @ springheeljack

      Rolls-Royce phantom? Good choice


      • This Aero 3S T-Rex seems like fun
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        • Dunno what i would buy if i were in retirement...
          The 1959 Corvette Stingray? Lamborghini Countach ? or the Aston Martin Vantage?
          The look timeless... especially the stingray (dunno about the lambo)
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          • Ay Pagani Zonda c12 or Bugatti Veyron i cant decide.

            Bugatti is faster, but Zonda looks more exclusive ...
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            • From cars i could actually someday get it would be 2011 Honda Civic hatchback. It seems so futuristic and different from other car. For dream car i would go for some oldschool American muscle car like '67 Shelby Mustang. I have Alfa Romeo 147 now


              • The 1968 Shelby GT390.

                Because Steve Mcqueen drove it, plus it's a badass car.


                • Ferrari 250 GTO, Pagani Zonda R, Bugatti Veyron SS and a Koenigsegg Agera R


                  • 69 Camaro SS.
                    Ever since i was a little kid, i've wanted one. I used to have posters on my wall.
                    And i have acquired the Body of one. Its being kept at a friends house. Once i'm out of the service, i'll be completely restoring it.
                    What was that? Am i Planning on dropping a blown 454 in it? Why yes, yes i am.

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                    • mine's an F40, eventhough an oldie its style does not fade


                      • For me it would have to be the Lotus Turbo Esprit:

                        One reason is that it is a bad-ass, super fast sports car. A second reason is that I used to play a racing game on my Apple IIGS when I was a kid and that was my favorite car.
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                        COMING SOON!


                        • My favorite car is Lamborghini Aventador LP700. Definitely.
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                          • Why... well, just look at it! It's a piece of art.

                            For those talking about an NSX, bought one for my wife, its not as expensive as you might think if you shop around a bit. Got hers for 36000$ CAN, evaluated at 50000$ two days later.
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                            • I really can't say that i'd i have ONE dream car i'd like to own because i have lots I'd like to own, some are tuners too because there rare to get in my country, i really can't explain all but i have high hopes for these cars, as for the exotics, well there above my budget reach
                              Koenigsegg Agera R
                              Ruf CTR3
                              Mazda RX7
                              Porsche Carrera 996
                              Porsche Panemera
                              Ferrari F50
                              Ferrari F40
                              Ferrari 512 tr (I almost got this car in Dubai for a very good price but i appeared later after it was sold, Unlucky)
                              Ferrari 246 GT Dino
                              Ferrari 288 GTO
                              Lamborghini Countach
                              Lamborghini Diablo
                              Mercedes CLK GTR
                              McLaren F1
                              McLaren MP4
                              Toyota AE86 Tureno
                              Toyota Supra
                              Toyota GT One
                              Shelby GT500
                              Noble M500
                              BAC Mono
                              Caterham R500 Superlight
                              Ariel Atom V8
                              Jaguar XJ220
                              Pagani Zonda R
                              Nissan Skyline (R34, KPGC10, KPGC110)
                              Nissan 240 Z (Datsun ver)
                              Nissan 300ZX
                              Nissan R390 GT1
                              Mitsubishi 3000GT
                              Honda NSX
                              Aston Martin DB9

                              Hope some of the cars you'll like are in the my wish list
                              unfortunately this list is uncompleted because there are more i wish for.

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                              • In the "never going to be able to afford one ever" category it's probably the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, which I don't remember if it ever even made it into full production.

                                As far as a dream car that I will actually be able to get eventually it's an easy one for me. This one more for sentimental value than anything else.

                                The "Police Special" or "Black on Black" interceptor from Mad Max. The picture isn't quite movie-accurate since they went with all gloss black instead of the two-tone gloss and matte paint but you can see how gorgeous that car is. And the Mad Max movies themselves are the whole reason I got into cars in the first place. Also why I have five thousand dollars sunk into a project car at the moment but hey, it's all worth it.
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