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    Hello Friends,

    Which is the most Popular Car Brand in Your City/Country ??

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    That's a toughie.
    Just the averages methinks. Toyota, Ford, Nissan etc.


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      Not sure in the whole USA to be honest but I do see certain brands more in certain parts of the country than in others. For example, in the bigger cities you see a lot more non-American cars whereas in the Midwest there seems to be more American brands like Chevrolet and Ford. But I don't travel too much so I could be wrong lol...
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        The Ford Mustangs have been popular in my city because of the Shelby American shop up north by the local Speedway (A very-well known one). Toyota/Lexus, Nissan/Infinity and Fiat have been going well here. The Bay Area is always about the hybrid cars. I'm not sure about Orange County, but I do know the Nissan 240Zs are all over parts of Arizona. Either way, that's all I can think of.
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          mostly suzuki,toyota,mahindra,tata.... audi,skoda,bmw,hummer are seen in a few numbers but lambougini,rolls royce,bently,porche are rare
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            In my town, i would say Mazdas, as far as Quebec is concerned, I'd say, lots of Nissans. An amazing amount of Mustangs of all years, in a 2h30min trip we counted 49 from montreal and back.

            Around St-Jerome, i've seen 8 Audi R8 in the same day. And when montreal is concerned, you see lots of cars of all sorts, Lots of lambos, ferrari as far as exotics are concerned.