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Rx7club x Hongfire?

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  • Rx7club x Hongfire?

    Noticed a few posts with people mentioning their rx7s. Which brings me to wondering how many rx7 owners are here?

    If your on rx7club say your user name and what you have. Pics are a bonus!

    If your not from rx7club your still more than welcome to join the chat.

    Im Mr.Cool on Rx7club and I have an 88 Turbo II thats in the works to be a GT1 car. Plan is to build a 13B PP Turbo for it and I'm looking to make at least 700rwhp.
    Currently the roll cage is about half complete and should be done within a few weeks, but heres a shot of how she looked before this started.
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    hi MrCool I'm Fsjoku a car modder for hentai games
    ahmm well..............i'm not a Rx7 owner but used to know guys who owned them before BUT I freaking love the 2002 rx7 spirit and with the veilside body kits
    it's a car of perfection

    But hey in the end I love fast cars
    here's some of my 3d car works