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  • Vehicle retrofitting

    Since I was in the military I learn of the definition of retrofitting. Some of my maintainers acquaintances explain to me is when you upgrade vehicle or a device in order for it to stay in service of the current trend. For examples would be the F-16 fighters; they were in service back in late 1950's to this day. What the maintainer would do is replace obsolete parts and install news one so the f-16 fighters doesn't become obsolete itself.

    Now I want to do something similar to my car; my radio system is tad bit obsolete and I want to replace it with a better radio deck. I am not going to replace the speaker as of yet but I want to now if someone here on this is an expert on said installation or known someone else who might be. Better yet might have a website that is dedicated for project like this. So far I have replace the brake pads, rotors, struts and the back shock; I would like to continue to self improvement project to better myself and make sure my vehicle is up to date since I am planning on keeping once I finished paid off the car loan >>

    I seen firsthand of people not taken care of the vehicle and once the loans are paid off, they are now compel to get a new a vehicle because they neglect the maintenance duties.

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    yo! have you checked out Mighty Car Mods? its a good youtube channel to check out when it comes to DIY car stuff, the video link i posted is about installing a aftermarket radio on a 1970s toyota corolla. and the second video is a bit better this time installation is done properly!! and on a nissan silvia!!

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