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  • How creative people can be ...

    Well I got an idea to start something like free discussion about anything creative you came across not long ago.

    /The idea is how people can come up with something they even won't be able to believe to unless it happen/

    Like for me it was when I just rad about this stuff:
    "Pirates get their hands on a Mass Effect 2 full version of both XBOX 360 and PC versions even when they were still ready to be released for a week for sure if everything will go smooth"

    Same goes for Windows

    Illustrative Photo

    Well as far as I can see the pirates have become quite awesome in what they can do the best. "Piss off those they stole from"
    Yes I do and I'm proud of it!
    Sure becuase I want it
    Nope I rather buy it then steal it
    DOWNLOADING ILLEGAL STUFF IS BAD!!! /with voice of 5 years old kid/
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    "i mean u have to try it before actually buying it " of course this is really a lame excuse cause i try the game first , beat it and why the hell do i have to buy it if i already played it and have game
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      "i mean u have to try it before actually buying it "
      then when the game has L4mE replay value dont even think of buying it
      when the game was fun then i could buy it
      Don't Forget To let your bit torrent stay for a while after downloading

      Remember if you just close it other people will suffer as like you looking for a good seeder


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        Yeah I download instead of buying. Everything from itouch apps to music


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          I only buy really good software that wouldn't annoy you with validation bullcrap and is reasonably priced.

          OK OK feel free to read that as "torrent almost everything" ... Most everything comes with DRM shit or costs an arm and a leg (Microsoft) >_>


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            I'm a pirate. Yeah, a pirate. I will always try anything to downloads things I want without buying.
            Because no one sells what I want, "legally", and my pocket money just about 0.50 USD per day (only enough for buy lunch).
            Most of them just burn some "illegal" downloaded things on a DVD and sells it.
            There's even a pirated CD & DVD center exists for years. maybe more than five years?
            And there IS NO LEGAL PC/Console GAMES distributed online here. With our currency I mean. Except for mobile games etc, which I would never buy.


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              I don't like to illegally download things but if I have to I will :/
              No spoilers I promise~!


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                I just buy games for the multiplayer(Never should have bought AC4 as the MP servers are broken)(Cant join games or host games publicly)
                If it has no multiplayer I see no reason to buy it.


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                  It's fun that I saw this discussion recently on mobile apps/games.
                  People pirating a .99$ app seem like the biggest dicks don't they?

                  Not if the only payment option is creditcard, then it's their own fault.

                  I download things every now and then, my steam library is already full as is.
                  I think I've proven my worth that I buy if the games are actually fun by now.
                  And tons of games also just sit in my library without even having played them,
                  either due time constraints or... well.. better games. Same with downloads.

                  I pay my share if the game was fun, and the game genre I play usually has
                  replay value. So if it's a game that I beat within a few hours,
                  and then don't feel like playing it again. It's not worth it in my eyes.

                  Especially not 40 / 60 euro's... Europeans get screwed enough as is.
                  I feel deprived
                  so many people who can't dig my grave deep enough
                  to hide me from those whom I were supposed to love