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Which Universe would you rather be stuck in?

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  • Which Universe would you rather be stuck in?

    You've been sucked into a massive anomaly in space, however you can no longer return to your own universe.

    You are given a choice to chose which universe you would enter and remain for the rest of your existence.......however you much chose quickly, or the anomaly will rip you to shreds.

    Which do you choose?

    The Anime/Hentai Universe

    The Star Trek Universe

    The Star Wars Universe
    The Anime/Hentai Universe
    The Star Trek Universe
    The Star Wars Universe
    I'd rather let the Anomoly Tear me to shreds!

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    Guess Anime universe... Cause honestly Star Trek and Star Wars = gay. I'd have to see disgusting alien things like Wookies and those Klingons... Eww... I mean almost ALL anime characters look good. I've like never seen an ugly one before. So it'd be awesome being surrounded by pretty people, and you'd be pretty yourself.


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      Im pretty sure 99% of the H-F community will choose the Anime/Hentai Universe. I mean, seriously, Harems, unrestricted sex, epic stories where you are the never dieing hero surrounded by beautiful girls, <insert any anime plot here>, etc, etc, etc...


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        Well the thing about the anime/hentai universe is its great to look in on but experiencing it would be hell.

        Its odd how everyone disregards the fact that in anime everyone hates their the predicaments they get into and the like. As such, if I were to transport to such a realm I too would hate life.

        Wouldn't be the least bit enjoyable.

        I'd prefer this universe where I can enjoy all others.


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          Warhammer 40000

          I can grow tentacles.
          When reading my posts, please imagine hearing them in Norio Wakamoto's Kaneto Shiozawa's voice.


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            anime universe would be full of generic moefail & lolishit i would have to kill. not to mention gay tentacle demons & traps.
            not to mention, what if its a universe with bad english dubbing?

            trek would be fail from the get go, with the saving grace of there being plenty of females that look about the same as humans & all shag the same way.

            starwars, it'd be full of clones of the same gay squinty nerdy inbred troopers that couldnt shoot a bus if they where standing in it.

            the idea of allowing myself to die is too pathetic to do though, even if others do fail natural law that much.

            i would go with trek.
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              Well, I assume the hentai/anime universe would have different areas and such, clearly having all the stereotypes and plots merged in just one place will be chaotic, so maybe if you could choose which place in the universe you could live, im sure it will be a pleasent realm to live in.

              Did I just made the weird question, weirder?


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                Cause having a world with demons/lightsabers or whatever will make you less of a loser... right?
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                  I would have to go with Anime/Hentai universe. Although I would be fine if it was just the hentai universe

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                    Originally posted by Hayeate View Post
                    Warhammer 40000

                    I can grow tentacles.
                    I'd pick those Necrons cause they look like Terminators.


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                      The Multiverse!

                      Dragonewt, Doll, Ghost, Scylla, Centaur, Queen Bee, Lamia.


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                        I would be a hot anime character in the Star Trek universe. I of both worlds there. And the new show it spawned just might manage to save the series.

                        "Star Trek: The Evangelion Generation"

                        Or maybe "Star Trek Muyo"? "Star Trek: Saber's Arc"?

                        Oh well, a guy can dream... *goes off to dream of 'Captain KOS-MOS of the USS Nephilim', smiling*


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                          The anime Universe. It'd be like Shonen Ultra stars (video-game) , but with all anime characters.
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                            Anime universe for sure... i just hope i would get to be drawn by a talented artist though XD


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                              Second part of first option