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  • Discussion of File Sharing/Hosting Sites

    Related Topic: P2P vs Direct Download

    Here we discuss what our favorite and least favorite file sharing/hosting sites and why.
    You can discuss anything about them really, but here are somethings I want to know from you guys.

    Discussion List:
    1.a. What is the best file sharing site/Why
    1.b. What is your favorite file sharing site/Why
    2.a. What is the worst file sharing site/Why
    2.b. What is your least favorite file sharing site/Why
    3. Are you likely to switch your preference for file sharing site any time in the future?
    4. Why are certain file sharing sites popular today (e.g. hotfile)
    5. Why are certain file sharing sites barely used today (e.g. mediafire)
    6. If people are only allowed to use one or two file sharing site, which one(s) should be used for the sake for the community (not just yourself)?
    7. Which file sharing sites you want to see gone/not to be used popularly?

    My personal response:
    1. a. Best = Mediafire (for free) megaupload & rapidshare (for premium)
    I would say the best file sharing site is probably medafire for free users, it has one of the best download speed and I'm not aware of any limitation on download for free users yet.
    Honorable Mention: (free)
    This is an absolutely free sites, it advertise as "no size limits", "archive upload", "2BG/s bandwith", "20 high speed servers", but I haven't used it yet so I don't actually know how well it performs.

    1.b. Favorite: Megaupload Honorable Mention : mediafire
    The reason I chose Megaupload as favorite is simply because I have a life-time membership on it and it's so awesome to have practically no limits with 1mb-1.2mb/s download speeds.

    2. Worst and least favorite = generally anything but megaupload, rapidshare, and medafire
    Those sites are slow, like 50kb/s kind of slow, some has 100kb/s, but that's nothing compared to the 1mb-1.2mb/s I get on megaupload and mediafire.
    Moreover, the wait time between downloading files are usually horrendously long averaging 30minutes.

    3. Megaupload and Mediafire is my favorite file sharing sites and I'm probably not going to change anytime in the future... well... it also depends on my experimentation with, it might become my new favorite in the future.

    4. The thing I want to know about those overused sites like hotfiles are why they are so popular when they are so darn slow? Do those sites offer benefits to uploaders for uploading or something?

    5. On the other hand, I'm confused why sites like mediafire is so underused. It has stunning 500kb-1mb/s download speeds for free users, you can upload large files, and there is no wait time between downloading 2 files.

    6. If I had to choose file sharing sites that should be used for the sake of file sharing communities it would be as follows: (from best to worst)
    Rapishare (though i like the other 2 THAT MUCH MORE)

    7. Some of the painfully inconvenient file sharing sites I like to see gone are:
    ... and possibly anything I haven't mentioned yet.
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    1,rapidshare, they have no captcha (very convient when using JD
    2,easyshare, disgusting waiting line rule
    3,now I've adapted the DDL, but I won't give up p2p in anytime(personally more p2p
    4,except the service,their program profit for both side(problem potential
    5,maybe the downloading page used some flash-based script, making it very stupid in some cases
    6,to decide this problem, it can be a great project. Maybe a website like will help
    7,no one if I can still tolerate it, but if some like the easy share, bbye!

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      Rapidshare because usually, it just works and the download speed is ok. Also some of the captchas have got out of hand lately, even youtube etc are getting to the point its getting ridiculous even for us mere humans to read the ridiculous captchas and the same goes for some of the filesharing sites mentioned in this post.

      I have tried several others, most recently I made the mistake of getting a couple of months of hotfile too and found that they have all been really crap. Hotfile was the worst so far. The downloads I sometimes get as a member are as bad as the free membership some days.

      Megaupload seems ok and although it has a captcha its pretty legible, but I didnt use that one much for the month I had it.


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        1b - My favorite and will always be megaupload. Never got a problem till now. It has a great ddl speed ,resume capability (even for free user).
        2a - Worst I know are netload, uploading, sharingmatrix....What has always happen in my case....I click on the file...insert the captcha and wait for the countdown and when the file is ready ,i click on the download box..nothing happens.WTF!! (or perhaps they are not compatible with IDM)
        4. Sites like hotfile are so popular because there are a lot of traffics occuring and premium generators being shared on the net. Those who are lucky will benefit compared to the rest who will suck.


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          I use mediafire.

          Not advert-spammed
          No waiting-time
          Easy to use
          Files hold very long (forever?)
          Can sort your stuff

          200MB file size limit.



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            Same as most, Mediafire for allowing parallel DL with decent (even tho not too fast) speeds, has no daily limit for an IP either (at least I didn't experience any), and Megaupload for skyrocketing speed (even tho only single downloads at a time allowed, unless there is a special offer of a technical glitch going on). Also from my personal experience I've seen that very very very few MU links die compared to others (but then again this could be coz most people preferring MU links when available and therefore helping keep that link alive).

            I don't care much about size limits in DDL sites coz if it's large enough to have an annoying no. of split parts I'd probably go for torrents anyway.
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              Mostly, I use torrent for downloading games and animes
              The badass Mediafire always make my files corrupted after I upload them...


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                Nyu, Hotfile is nasty.

                I find Mediafire is the best one!


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                  Torrent. Period.

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                    I agree with how the poll is now. Mediafire is best, megaupload if I have to.


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                      Thanks to the Great Fire Wall of China, I cannot get on Mediafire unless using a VPN or SSH...
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                        Discussion about Sharing filehoster

                        Back then there aren't so many sharing filehoster
                        But in the beginning of 2000, every filehoster do a great job
                        In so many filehoster the muiltupload are the best !


                        With one upload time = several filehoster
                        What a saving of time and convenience !
                        Megaupload is my favor filehoster.

                        Later somehow all the Forum's files uploaded on a weird filehoster....


                        Well, to be honest at the beginning I hate this filehoster
                        You can't get a full speed download if you don't buy their account
                        But you can still get a 200KB+ speed if you are in the right time (mid-night, morning 7)
                        Painfully the waiting time is really hopeless....
                        You need lots lots of time if you wanna get something big
                        Well, there are more and more files which uploaded on Hotfile
                        Facing the true, I bought the account
                        Life seems wonderful that moment !


                        After hotfile, Forum's files start uploaded on another filehoster
                        It have a simple name : fileserve
                        I have no idea why files uploaded on this filehoster
                        It has the worst speed I even see in my life
                        I only got like 15KB, and it stops per second, then reload per second (loop)
                        If you wanna get something 100MB, you need at least 5 hours
                        Sometimes the download haven't start after 10-15mins
                        It is the worst filehoster I even used
                        The sadness is fileserve getting famous and hot
                        more and more uploader use it as their main filehoster
                        I can't get it, I just can't get it.....
                        I started looking for solution to solve the problem
                        The only solution is pay ............

                        Well, having the experience of hotfile, I really don't know should I get an account or not
                        (what if the uploaders change another filehoster again ?)

                        I know Fileserve just trying to make money
                        But they just force you to buy their Premium Account by extremely slow speed
                        (50KB-100KB is still ok, but 4KB-10KB ?!)
                        I'm not really thanks to this kind of business style...
                        Hopefully I 'm getting a good news
                        "Fileserve are adding new servers"

                        After the reborn of Fileserve, I 'm shock
                        Before and After have a huge huge different !
                        It is really good and fast even with a free account
                        I'm getting around 100K-150K
                        Also the stop and reload won't happen any more !
                        Unfortunately my happiness haven't stay long......
                        There are only several files have a nice speed
                        Some file really fast , but some are still extremely slow...
                        So if you start download a file, but you only got 15KB, you may just give up
                        Sometimes the download link not even there, "File not find" are always happened
                        It have a huge improvement, but it is still disappointed.
                        So getting files on Fileserve, it really depends on your luck
                        Before the download you better pray.

                        Well, my hotfile account almost ended within 2 days
                        In this time I really don't know should I get an Fileserve account or not....

                        Thanks for all the uploader still using hotfile, also thanks for the uploader who have a
                        hotfile link as a mirror, finally thanks all the uploaders who is supporting Hongfile !

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                          I have a Megaupload, Mediafire, Hotfile AND Sharing Matrix..U_U (I'm REALLY impatient)

                          I wish that files could be uploaded using only 1 or 2 types of services.
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                            Filserve...still watching
                            Hotfile...oh...however, it can use and relatively steady ok?


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                              Nice verses... Anyway if you're willing to pay anythings fine I guess, especially from uploader's POV