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  • How Will You Leave?

    Hi again.

    I wanted to make a interesting thread for my 100th post on hongfire. And feel free to comment.
    Oke this thread is highly "Hypothetical" so just think along the lines of "What If" instead of "ill stab you for this thread"
    I was wondering that if for some reason you wouldn't be able to visit Hongfire anymore as in your internet would die for some time. It would get in the way of your job. Or any reason involving keeping you away from hongfire. what would you do? Will you use your "Last allowed post on HF" to post a goodbye message or just post in an existing thread and fade away silently.
    Will you use the last post to semi wreck your image or get back at a MOD (heh)
    Would you use it to declare everlasting love / hate to a person / club?

    In the times ive been on different forums I haven't really gotten involved much. As in I hardly checked it rarely ever posted. Mainly because of the community being annoying to say the least. There are a couple of forums where I signed in and never posted at all. So hitting my 100Th post on hongfire surprised me to say the least. So having said that if I were forced to leave HF id probably use my last post to say goodbye to all the members and thank them. Maybe leave a short message on how to get in touch if needed.

    Please look at this thread in the way of a "WHAT IF" situation.
    And try to imagine how you would react if something like this did happened to you.
    So please no posts like "LOL ill never leave hongfire so ill stab you now kkdiethxbye" (just vote for that option and shut up)
    P.s: Im not leaving, just interested.

    Ill leave a message behind in the community part and bookmark it to remember hongfire by.
    I wont say anything ill vanish without a trace and you'll never hear of me again.
    Ill use my last post to make fun of a particular MOD I am going anyways.
    Ill declare my everlasting love and or hate to a person / group.
    Ill dedicate the last post to wrecking the image of myself.
    LOL ill never leave hongfire so ill stab you now kkdiethxbye

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    Since I doubt anyone here knows who I am, and probably never will, I would just fade away silently.

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      With a flash, a bang, and sulfur smell.
      To be serious: I wouldn't make a big fuss about it, 'cause I'd never know if I won't return now and then. Nothing more embarrassing than giving a long-winded good-bye speech, just to return after two weeks.


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        i would just leave silently.
        i don't think anyone's going to
        pay attention to a goodbye post


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          I'll do something like what tofuman80 did. I'll do one final post/thread, stay with it for a week, and then finally disappear into the real world. To be honest, I agree with him completely. Hongfire is a dreamworld to me, but I intend to stay for as long as possible.


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            just a short message to all.

            "Being part of HongFire was the best. I look forward in meeting you in another place, in another time."

            that's about it, i guess.

            Originally posted by starcaptor
            I would say Lisa Hayes would probably have the best historical account since shes been on the ship for quite a while. I remember talking to hongfire one on one in the forums for only one thing, and that was...why was the website called hongfire?


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              I don't know. If I ever leave I'll probably just slowly fade away. I would
              probably still make a come-back later on, though.


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                LOL ill never leave hongfire so ill stab you now kkdiethxbye

                You tempted me! >_< dont blame me for choosing that!

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                  what.. has anyone EVER kept their word for leaving... no. everyone said that their leaving... but yet they come crawling back!!
                  except for one... hitokiri battosai! the only one whos acutally kept to his word.
                  me... if that time does come... ill cross the bridge when i get there.
                  also, ill just silently disappear into the night...

                  -2 lol's in this post-

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                    I will do it the genle way...
                    Leaving a goodbye thread and see how many people really appreciated my existence here. And of course giving the last of my rep as my thanks.

                    Then I will just fade into the night. And stab Mniral Mornil You reallything I would leave that easily?
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                      Hah! I'm not leaving until HongFire dies. But if you insist on hypothetical situations, I'd probably say goodbye to all my buddies in the Underground, see if there's anything I have to contribute to [HF-Yushy] and [HF-Hentai], and go nuts with randomly adding to people's reputation. I might make a bigass speech...

                      ...only to return a week or so later because this place is just too cool to leave alone. \m/_
                      Learn to laugh at life again, you'll enjoy it more.
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                        I'm not planning on leaving. Hongfire is a part of my everyday life now. I'm not leaving until I have to, or when the site goes down. It could happen that I just drift away from it though.. but I doubt it.


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                          i wont leave. but i think we will think different when we have granchilds...


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                            Originally posted by doyrena
                            i wont leave. but i think we will think different when we have granchilds...
                            What's the diference between young brain and old brain?...
                            Love for HF is enternal!


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                              For me, I wouldn't make a thread, as a goodbye thread is nothing more than a last minute glory. Instead, I wouuld probably just tell people on irc. Same meaning, but don't have to make a thread dedicated to yourself. In addition to irc, I would send a few PMs to some members on HF and tell them about my situation. My message would be short and to the point.