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  • Do you store anime?

    My HDD has recently run of out space, so I'm wondering how many of you keep the files you download.

    *edit* Whoops, forgot to type “r” there.
    I store every anime I download.
    I store only some and delete everything else.
    I delete every episode after watching.
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    I only store some of the better H-animes. Far less episodes to clutter my precious HDD space, as well as less DVDs to use.

    For everything else, streaming is the way to go in my case since, even for the titles I do store, more often than not I will watch them only once anyway, meaning there's little point in keeping them all. Plus, I'm not too motivated to watch non-hentai animes these days: feels more time-consuming than what they are worth to me and I have other things to keep me entertained anyway.

    P.S.: None of the options in the poll describe exactly what I do, so pie it is.
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      I just buy s new hd and keep storing. I have ove 3TB stored right now on drives and another 1.5TB burned to CD and/or DVD.
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        I just buy external HD's if necessary, and I delete the animes on my internal hardrive once I buy the anime DVD's when they get licensed.
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          I store only some (ladies x buttlers recently) and delete everything else. Sometimes, I burn to DVDs.


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            if i dont like it enough to buy it, it gets deleted.
            if i like it enough to buy it and is available at a price im willing to pay, it gets stored on a shelf.
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              Having limited spaces, I only allocate a certain amount of HD space for storage and only store the good stuffs. And when space runs out, I start deleting the ones I care the least for.

              Of course, as such I make it a point that I only download small encodes. With encoding quality being excellent despite small sizes nowadays (far as small encodes are concerned), this is not a big problem.


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                I used to download all my anime, and I burned most of it on CDs. These days I watch most of my anime online. Online video quality has gotten a lot better over the past few years so I don't mind watching online. It saves me the time and trouble of downloading it, and it doesn't take up any space on my hard drive either.


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                  if i like it alot i store it on external drives. i dont stream anime anymore.


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                    I currently dont store any anime on my desktop because if i were to start id have to store all of them and i do NOT have enough room on my pc to do so, however i am filling my room up with manga with currently 500+ volumes.