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I have never had a girlfriend.

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  • I have never had a girlfriend.

    I have never had a girlfriend, should I feel like Im missing out? Because I don't.

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    is it that obvious kind of statement?
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      Originally posted by 33Zephyr33 View Post
      I have never had a girlfriend, should I feel like Im missing out? Because I don't.
      life will be very different when you have one, I tell you.

      enjoy your single life as long as you possibly can.

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        Why have a girlfriend when you can have an imouto? =3
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          Originally posted by Whoaness View Post
          Why have a girlfriend when you can have an imouto? =3
          and the LOLI one =D

          (ehem!) ts not that bad being single. Esp when you're still young. Use your time to work and work!! Thinking about love can wait! While you think about them, money goes away reAL HARD!


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            Enjoy life as a bachelor.


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              depends if she doesnt enjoy some of your intrests then its pretty damn bad if not, its alright.
              there are perks and drawbacks like everything else
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                The phase of having a GF is pretty much outdated now. So like.. there's no need for girlfriends while you have date rape and whores.

                Although I don't agree with concept above - it does makes sense from the male perspective. I mean in UK the GOV's always brag about "Green" methods for Society and so on.

                What the Gov says... (Parody)

                "If you think about it. Whores are needed in the Society as a "Social economy"
                It prevents rise in rape from men and it's cheaper and "cleaner" alternative to hookers and only second to sex slaves!"

                "cheaper alternative to hookers"
                All you need is Alcohol*

                Ah... Sign* Finally I can take the rant out of my system! I too question about either missing out or not. After seeing people at my age having GFs 24 hrs being bombarded at you everyday - kinda puts pressure you into thinking - You're not normal.

                However... I can't afford one. I rather focus on video games. Or save up for Dutch wive.

                With regards to whores. I know alot of guys thats brags about making some girls drunk and adding "special powder" to their drinks and do the deed. Then you got the hotspots of finding gullible, easy and weak women in clubs >_>. Heck they even brag about plymouth being whore hotspot.

                I don't really... agree with what they do. In fact I like having a girlfriend and build an relationship and so on. But it kinda defeats the point of finding one (a real girl) when you got the vast majority as whores or traps (Guys in disguise, Hivs etc). Plus no strings attached. You could say women can be classed as "pets" - truly expendable.

                I wonder if girls wants to be loved at all? - just out of curiosity.


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                  All you're missing are a few casual dates, a couple of phone calls, some sex, a few "I love you," less money in your pocket, and a broken heart for if the relationship end badly. So you not really missing out on that much IMO, but then again I'm founder the of The Single for Life group and never had a girlfriend myself; so what do I know

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                    Originally posted by 33Zephyr33 View Post
                    I have never had a girlfriend, should I feel like Im missing out? Because I don't.
                    Get yourself one and THEN you'll be missing out all right.

                    You're perfectly fine, don't let your anime/hentai favs get any competition!

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                      Love leads to a hell lot of suffering, it's a good thing you don't have to go through this.


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                        you're a fail. I had plenty of GFs. mainly the 2D loli ones. o how I love'm.


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                          Your not missing out on anything you know besides from this;

                          GF - *bitching*
                          You - *nodding*
                          You/GF - *sex*
                          GF - "It's over"
                          You - "one more time then?"

                          Thats pretty much it in a nutshell and you repeat this every so often until you get married then it's close to that but you wind up on your friends couch for the week then you go home and you only have sex once a month.


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                            Go get one. On the double.
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                              No one cares, next...