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    I'm shocked to see no threads about bleach right now. Then again, there's not too many threads in here. For those of you whom have lived in a cave and do not know of it, Bleach is one of the more popular new jump titles. New is relative since it's actually up to chapter 150 to me anyway. I went to and snagged the first 6 volumes and was hooked right away. It's an action oriented manga that stars a rather angry looking 16 year old boy named Ichigo as its lead. Aside from his angry face, his defining characteristic is his orange hair which everyone accuses him of bleaching. The thing that makes him odd is that he can see, talk to and touch ghosts. One night, a shinigami named Rukia appears to fight a hollow (evil spirit) that is attacking Ichigo's family. In saving Ichigo, Rukia is badly injured and transfers her powers to Ichigo. Now, with Shinigami powers, Ichigo finds himself being forced to take over Rukia's job and the "fun" begins from there.

    This is a hell of a read for anyone who likes manga's like Naruto. It's fairly mainstream with little objectionable content. Just your good old fashioned "kick the hell outta the badguy" manga so far. Sadly, I'm stuck at chapter 120 something because I dunno how to use irc nor do I have the drive to learn right now. That's my own deal though. I'd like to hear what other's think about this manga. Perhaps someone knows some scanlation group that doesn't mind posting their work for direct download? That's manga-rain's only qualm.
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