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  • Sanbun Kyoden Manga

    I'm looking for a list of Sanbun Kyoden manga that are available. If you can help, thanks.

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    Hiiro no Koku 1+2 (Housewife blackmailed into slutty behaviour?)
    Shakunetsu no Honou (Collection of shorts)
    Sounonai Heya (Collection of shorts)
    Tsuna no Kusari (Housewife sex slave to adoptive son?)
    Kusari (Short arc of the above manga)
    Yamahime no Mi (Short about a brother and sister?)
    Yamahime no Mi MASAE (Short about a son and slutty mother?)
    Yuumon no hate 01-10 (Sexy policewomen series, finished?)

    That's my complete list, anyone care to add to it?


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      Cool thanks. So besides Hiiro (just posted that), how many of these can I get off hongfire?


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        Sein (Beastiality)
        Oneesan ??? (Beastiality, Tenctacles, etc)

        Two others I recently found on Hongfire under 'Beastiality' torrent title. Try searching for Sanbun Kyoden threads.

        I have all those I listed, so if I can figure out how to make a torrent I'll upload em. Know a good tracker which is easy to upload to?


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          Right I've got those (sein and oneesan) from that torrent. Thanks for the help. Deadfrog seems to be pretty decent tracker. Here's the link:


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            Scary, You boys are into WEIRD stuff... *SELF-NOTE to stay away from this stuffs* ECCHI! HENTAI! (Mahoro would say "Ecchi thoughts are BAD!")
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              Hmmm maybe we've started this thread in the wrong section. Any chance a moderator can move this thread to Hentai section?


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                Yeah, sorry about that. I goofed. I must beg forgiveness for warping the fragile minds of the innocents on this forum. That was never my intention.

                Gomen Nasai!!

                How about that move to the Hentai section?


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                    HAted it.Simply hated it.Sein (Zein).It makes me to kill that woman.Pour acid to her face.If something like that happened i would not cared about law.1st thing to do pour arsenic to her face make her paralyzed.make her a living corpse.Wonder if such thing really happens.Wish never to read that kind of stuff again.
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