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The Breaker New Waves Sequel Under Development

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  • The Breaker New Waves Sequel Under Development

    The Breaker New Waves was one great journey, though its pacing was kinda slow, it improved in the later chapters.
    Can't wait for the next season!
    Honestly, The Breaker would be much better as an anime(due to the fight scenes) but since it's Manwha, chances are near to impossible.
    We need more Sera Kang fanservice

    Announcement by the authors.

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    Well i like the manwha for the art and great fight scenes and coz it's made by the same ppl who did the Archlord manwha but can't say i enjoyed the 2nd part as much as the 1st one. Things started getting a bit too Dragon Ball and even worse with the epilogue. Firaga spell was cast just by touching and poor dude who wasn't seen in a while and leaves just as quickly. Still have no idea what the ''villain'' is planning or his identity.

    Also dat cliffhanger at the end...

    As for the authors comments, 40 VOLUMES!? Is this Guin Saga? Tough tbh i didn't know it was ending. Kinda abrupt and we'll be without Breaker for quite a while too but at least i like this more than Kurokami...

    Mr. Wiki CG is always in da search of good stuff


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      I really can't wait for the sequel The Breaker was great and The Breaker New Waves was also great so hopefully it will be a hat trick(soccer reference).


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        If i'm given a 2 year time-skip and a level 95 Shiwoon i'll be happy.
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