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CardCaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc

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  • CardCaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc

    Celebrating the 20th anniversary of CardCaptor Sakura comics, a new arc entitled "Clear Card Arc" has started its serialization at Nakayoshi since its July issue this year.

    In this arc, Sakura is a first-year middle schooler.


    Are there scans somewhere?

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    Oh, so CLAMP is active again? What I'd really like to see come back to life is their X manga. Though that was difficult after Kobe and likely next to impossible after Fukushima.

    In principio erat Verbum, et Verbum erat Programma, et Programma erat Miku. Et Miku Caro Factum Est, et Habitavit in Nobis.


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      Chap 2:
      Calling it, Tomoyo is the culprit.

      She did it so she can make Sakura wear costumes and film her again.
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