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Drakuun: Dragon Princess Army (Johji Manabe)

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  • Drakuun: Dragon Princess Army (Johji Manabe)

    Drakuun: Dragon Princess Army
    by Johji Manabe

    Rise of the Dragon Princess (Vol #1)
    The Revenge of Gustav (Vol #2)
    Shadow of the Warlock (Vol #3)
    The Hidden War (Vol #4)
    ??????????????????????????????? (Vol #5)

    There was a fifth volume, it was released in August 2003 in Japan.
    Dark Horse Press never released it in english.

    Anybody know what the name of the fifth volume was, and where it
    might be found? Thanks.

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    English title was going to be Drakuun: Flames of Empire, but I don't know where you can find a translated copy. Sorry...
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      Flames of Empire as I have known
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      It is wrong, because our raw has good quality with 80-90% than orginal.
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