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  • Your First Manga

    Do you remember the first manga you read? Which was it and did you like it?

    How did you come to reading manga?


    My first manga was Love Hina. And it absorbed me completely from the start. I had to watch not to read more than two volumes a day, or it would have been over too quickly. A bit embarrassing in hindsight, since I wouldn't consider it a masterpiece. (not to offend Love Hina fans, but let's just say, I have read mangas now that I like more ^^; ). Anyway, it was funny, romantic and perfect for an easy start (and not to forget the fanservice ).

    I have been reading western comics for a while and was looking for scanned comics on the internet, but could only find boring super hero stuff. But I noticed torrents of mangas and thought: he, why not trying these instead. That's the whole story. ^^
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    1.] The first? it would have to be Rurouni Kenshin. The second was Love Hina. Rurouni Kenshin left a bittersweet ending in my mind, for reasons i don't know. Love Hina was pure madness. I was laughing so loudly, that my boardmates called the landlady just to shut me up. After that, the popular ones followed.

    2.] My start began when i was in college. Let's just say that i have a friend who was an avid collector of anything anime-related, including mangas. He introduced me to it, and ever since then, i was hooked.

    I'm more of a manga-oriented person, rather than an anime-oriented one.

    Originally posted by starcaptor
    I would say Lisa Hayes would probably have the best historical account since shes been on the ship for quite a while. I remember talking to hongfire one on one in the forums for only one thing, and that was...why was the website called hongfire?


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      1.My first manga was sailor moon, but it wasn't a surprise as i knew the anime before.
      So I think Tokyo Babylon was my really first manga. I discovered manga and yaoi (shounen-ai)world at the same time @@ : why the boy wears like a girl, why he's in love with a man... >_< I was still innocent at the time...

      2. My classmate lent me sailor moon manga, the beginning of my loss ....


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        1. my first ever manga was naruto. Cause my fren got me hooked up on to the anime.

        2. Well not to be left out, i started watching naruto which everyone was talking about and therefore led me to read the manga as well.


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          1st manga - Marmalade Boy

          Latest manga - Negima! Magister Negi Magi

          Love Hina
          Samurai Girl Real Bout Highschool
          Tokyo Mew Mew
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            rasmy: Scary stuffs. I feel for you ^^;

            1. Doraemon! Always had a special place in my heart till today (started reading them >10 years ago). The thought of gadgets and gismos showing miracle solutions to everyday life being pulled out of a bottomless pocket facinates me as a child. Almost every kid can comprehend what Nobita goes thru each day. With the release of the adventure series, it blowed me away by the concept of other uses for the tools.

            2. Since they shown the TV series and I really liked it, my mom started being me the series (was I happy kid then). I practically grew up with Fujiko works. Superkid, Doraemon ~Long stories~, the original doraemon... Kinda naturally went to scalating manga after being introduced to the world of online manga.
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              You always remember your first.

              My first manga I ever "read" was when I was about 7yrs old. There was a Chinese restaurant my family would go to often. You could only order out, but they did have a little area where you could sit and wait for your order. This room also doubled as the employee break area, so, needless to say, there was some Chinese reading material there for the employees. One such book happend to be a Chinese-translated Japanese manga. It was all in Chinese, so I couldn't tell you the name if I wanted to (looked very reminiscent of Fist of the North Star, though). Since I was into comics as a kid, I thumbed through it and was just amazed at how much more advanced the drawing style was compared to the Marvel books I was reading at the time (it was mid to late 80's). From that moment, it hooked me, but at that time, there really wasn't anywhere you could get manga in the US, so it became a silent fascination.

              Around '93, I was at a book trader with my dad. I spotted a rack of comics and found issue #1 of Dirty Pair: Sim Hell which I bought immediately. This comic made me realize that even though I wasn't Japanese, that didn't mean I couldn't draw in the Japanese style. Adam Warren instantly became my muse and my idol. However, some would say that this doesn't really count as a manga. Therefore, my first actual manga was Ranma 1/2: Part 2, Issue 8 (back when Viz released monthly comics instead of quarterly graphic novels) which I got a year or so later. Ah...memories. ^_^


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                The first I read was I"s ... and then I don't remember what came after that. I think a lot of shoujo manga XD

                Those were scanslations though. The very first manga (ala graphic novel) I bought was Love Hina, followed by Chobits, and then INVU ... then Azumanga. Out of those, I only managed to continue collecting INVU (although I hear the author is on hiatus right now ) and Azumanga. In addition, I also have a LOT of Kare Kano (i'm up to vol 12 now, wheee) and two XXXHolic volumes that are in their original japanese (zomg, the paper smells sooo good).

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                  the first manga that i read was probably Secret plot

                  but if we're not talking about those type, then it's naruto.

                  well, i first started reading a long time ago when i first heard of "manga" and thought it was hentai so i searched the web for it ... lol

                  other than secret plot, i haven't read any manga until now, which started with naruto.
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                    1. Rurouni Kenshin, a great series that expanded on what I already knew about it.

                    2. Started reading it because I heard there was a manga of it and it ended drastically different, which lead me to reading other series with anime counterparts and eventually had me prefering manga.



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                      well well well,

                      1. unless ur taiwanese uv never even heard of this manga before, 'origama warriors' boy oh boy was it crap, started off really cool, but as the story dragged so did the ideas, i just gave up on it after vol 20. it was drawn by a taiwanese but similar to the jap style

                      2. i got reading that book cause my cousin broght it over to my place and left it, back then i couldnt read chinese yet, but being the only comic book i had for a while i managed to teach myself how to read chinese, since i could speak and listen to it, it wasnt really too hard but i still havent mastered how to write it and unless it can get me a girlfriend, make me money, i dont think il bother with it

                      (btw after so many years, origami warriors is still goin on, up to season 2 now called origami warriors G, i directly translated the title to eng so it might b a bit weird but o well)
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                        Wow, when I look at the poll and your posts I notice that most of you are quite the manga-veterans. I feel n00b-ish. ^^;
                        Originally posted by rasmy
                        I discovered manga and yaoi (shounen-ai)world at the same time @@ : why the boy wears like a girl, why he's in love with a man... >_< I was still innocent at the time...
                        Lol ... funnily enough I knew about shounen-ai before I read my first manga. I read a small article in a magazine and remember thinking "comics with gay men for girls? wtf? ".
                        Originally posted by Lisa Hayes
                        1.] The first? it would have to be Rurouni Kenshin. The second was Love Hina.
                        It was exactly the other way around with me. After reading Love Hina I read Rurouni Kenshin. ^^


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                          My first manga was Bondage Fairies Extreme. Then alot of other ecchi mangas...

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                            1) Doraemon was my first manga. Well, I was 8 years old at that time. I loved something like that (science fiction/fantasy).

                            2) It was the only manga available in Malay language at that time (in Malaysia).
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                              Been into comics (Fung Wan, Spawn, Spiderman) for years now, even read Gundam Wing when it came out, but started into Japanese manga less than a year ago.

                              And now, I've dropped western comics almost totally. Still love Image comics though.
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