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Translation of lyrics for 'Love Dream' (Thunder Force 4)

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  • Translation of lyrics for 'Love Dream' (Thunder Force 4)

    Okay, a little background. Back in the day, there was a game called Thunder Force 4 (Lightening Force - yes, spelt like that) on the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive.

    I purchased a copy of the game's INCREDIBLE soundtrack. There is a track that is a vocal arranged version of the Maniac difficulty ending song; it is called Love Dream and is sung in Japanese.

    The song is BEAUTIFUL, but I cannot find the lyrics for it anywhere online and do not trust myself to transcribe it by sound alone and do it right. I really want to know what the lyrics are in Japanese and English.

    If anyone reading this can translate Japanese to English by listening to it (I suppose anyone who translates hentai, of all things, could probably do it), I would appreciate it greatly. I am uploading the song here to save time and to put it there for the listening of anyone who would like to hear it.

    Thank you in advanced.

    HF - Love Dream (.mp3)

    Edit - Dang... I should have put 'Request' in the thread name.
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