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TRON LEGACY; flynn's ambition of immortality and the tron legacy code

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  • TRON LEGACY; flynn's ambition of immortality and the tron legacy code

    the disappearance of kevin flynn heralds a forthcoming new age of transhumanism and the establishment of a true technological utopia where the endless expanse of the digital world provides not only a safeheaven for digitized users to resides in relative safety from various immediate real-world dangers but also to create environmental conditions in which the nature of physical biology, physics and matter itself can be surreally altered and defied to the extent in which modification of biological attributes of the digitalized human anatomy that otherwise would not be possible within the confines of the laws of physics in the real world becomes possible tailoring to whatever medical aliment and needs that arises or curing it alltogether, effectively prolonging our finite lifespan indefinite thereby achieving true immortality in the digital realm.
    the process of digitizing has evolved from being merely recreation purpose to that of a trans-human evolution process where our natural selection of reality perception favors the limitless potential of the digital world as an immortal entity that transcends the limits of modern medicine, obsolescing the beckoning needs of nationalism's growth and pride, and finally bringing together the discords of a world rife with wars of religion's violent clashing philosophies of theological difference to a juncture of halcyon where "ye shall be as gods"

    “This is going to change all medicine, government and religion”

    kevin's wife is dead, and if the game tron 2.0 is cannon, so would be alan's. whether their deaths are natural causes or deliberated unto by others, the death of loved ones, especially lora whom alan and kevin both loved dearly will have become the driving force of flynn's effort to achieve his well indented ambition to overcome death and conflict itself, the digital world is an outlet to achieve such dreams of immortality, where the human body and mind (or soul if you'd like) becomes data that is ageless and resilient to the unforgiving passage of time and incurable aliments. Thus kevin's "tragic" disappearance was but a ruse for him to venture into the digital void to continue experimenting and research on such technologies on his own terms and secrecy, fearing opposition from his proponents and waited until his technological miracle is finished.
    the striking aesthetic resemblances of the room kevin flynn to its real world locale counterpart (in this case a guest room of kevin's villa perhaps?) is of no coincidence, for soon the neon trails and lights of the cyberworld will be transformed into a spitting image of the real world cities, in anticipation for the mass immigration of humanity into its eternal paradise from their preference for the better version of "real-world", for physical world will still exist in its full aesthetic and entirety as it was in our previous settled physical reality, though it is now in what would perceived as "digital" format, it would be the same and nothing will have changed. all deities of the system exists within a set of system parameters ever being refined and evolved for humanity's benefit, governed and protected by administrative regulations, or law, and authority of the security program Tron himself and his army of CLUs who protects and defends the rights of all its digital denizens of a true utopia, it will be a world where nobody would ever have to die ever again and will live on forever with their beloved families, lovers and friends in the neverending digital plane.

    i'm guess that kevin might actually have an antagonistic role (the new MCP even) contrary to what most believed would be alan's for his "tricking sam flynn into the arcade backroom to be digitalized without his consent and sieze his shares of his father's fortune and position in encom", but rather i believe alan knows what kevin is up to and although he knows kevin means well, is not in full agreement with him despite their mutual grievances for lora. from what i remembered in tron 2.0, alan's son jet bradley, however reluctant he is, was not digitalized by a pinpoint digitizing beam but a full area-effect beam inside a sealed containment lab where evasion and shelter from the beam was not possible, the beam device was positioned onto the ceiling and as evident in the game's cutscene are capable of digitalizing multiple persons (up to 4 infact) simultaneously in all ranges and directions regardless of where they are standing and their distances from the beam device. now imagine the potentials of a gigantic sized version mounted on an orbital space satellite, everyone can literally be forced into the world of tron as sam was. i can only guess that while alan could, he see sam as a better candidate to persuade his own father, the last part of the trailer looks errily like sam is marching in the disc arena to best his father in disc combat and crush his ambition, since tron is loyal to kevin, i sure hope sam gets to duel him as well, as there's a neon blue tron-like authoritive figurehead that clearly present himself as the equivalent of stark in command of MCP guys, or in this case, yellow CLUs. back in tron 2.0 the digital world is policed by red ICPs taking command from headquarters and the commander "Kernel" who is in charge of all securities duties on every computer and connections in and out of the internet HUB, i remember in one level you have to kill the kernel himself and he doesn't come back so perhaps kevin assign tron as the replacment commander when he returned? though i don't see any other program resembling physically to ICPs but who knows eh.

    about the meaning of tron legacy context itself, i remember in tron2.0 there was a humongous yellow glowing orb jet bradley has to retrieve called the "tron legacy code" which would be an archieved verison of the original tron code from the movies, which you give to the psyco bitch AI ma3ia to compile into a newer code or something, which is supposedly from the ingame emails mentioned ma3ia are bits and pieces of lora's living conscious after her death, and after the events of the game i would think that alan would have kept ma3ia in encom, and whatever the tron legacy code would have become by the time of...well tron legacy.

    "You won, okay? It's just a game!"
    "not anymore"

    the blue guy is obviously a user as he's aware that the world is "just a game", regular programs simply cannot exhibits any reasoning or exsistantial awareness at all.
    the yellow guy seems highly aggressive as a program clu, and seems to be hunting the user, or even users in particular.
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    The Tron Legacy Code won't have anything to do with the movie since Tron 2.0 has been retconed out of continuity, which is BULLSHIT.


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      yeah i know, tron2.0's graphics aged so well it still looks like a new killer app today! the story was...meh but you know it really had its moments and got really good going for it towards the end, well in anycase if it is then lora isn't dead and there won't be any crazy ma3ia and the legacy code would have turned into something else. who knows.

      actually tron2.0 would have fitted in the timeline perfectly because it didn't kill off any important characters other than kevin's wife and lora, i just read that the Cindy Morgan doesn't have a role in legacy nor was she ever informed so who knows i hope they show jet bradley humping that mercury chick or something (i remember jet kept a copy of her on his desktop to "see her anytime"), anyways the kernel was killed off by jet and that throne guy being the ceo of Fcon was killed, not much has changed really, though the world design of neo lighted tron seems to have changed but it's probably just the effect of planet wide pc/os upgrades, you know like billy gate's shitty vista, its got aero reflective surface now!
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      これは私が常にあこがれてきた平和 です... ('-'*)
      ~ 私たちは、同じ空を共有するので、 私は常にここに、あなたの側にいる ~


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        Regardless of how well it might fit, it doesn't change the fact that they still didn't consider Tron 2.0 when writing Tron Legacy, effectively rendering Tron 2.0 non-canon.


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