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List of Collectors, Post in this thread if you are collector.

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  • List of Collectors, Post in this thread if you are collector.

    Please reply to this thread only if you are a collector.

    Collecting since:
    How big is your collection:
    What are you collecting:

    Including 1 of 2 pics would be good but please use spoiler tag for the pics.

    Please post here only if you are a collector. I am thinking to give specialy album access for collectors to host their collection. So please list yourself here.

    What screen resolution are you using in 2016?

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    Name: John Blade
    Collecting since: 2005
    How big is your collection: 110+ Video games and 75+ Video Game Demo disc
    What are you collecting: Video Games and Game Demo


    Some Info:
    I collected video games for the ps1, ps2, ds, gba, psp, gbc, wii, and pretty soon sega genesis. My collection right now look big but in reality, it's just a small size. I hope my collection will grow around 500 video games but that will take some time.
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      Well I guess I don't really need hosting but I will reply none the less.

      Name: Fenix
      Collecting Since: Gosh hard to remember now, but for more than 10 years. =)
      How big is your collection: Depend on what. Figures probably 200 or so that I still have in my possession. 3 Dollfie Dreams. Not going to count the other merchandises.
      What are you collecting: Figures, recent few years also dolls/dolls clothes,accessories. But generally what I like. I don't exactly have any boundary set.

      Well I personally don't take group photos of my collections as a whole, I just take photos individually and keep them on my blog. I guess I can only put in this old shot (2008?) that I did to show my newly renovated room with the display cases.

      And this with contains a subset of my nendoroids is the only two that I can find now heh.

      And here's my doll collection:
      Phoenix's Toy Web Page has detailed photo of my growing figures collection. Check out the Home Page link on My Profile Page if anyone is interested.


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        Fenix, that dolfie on the left in black and white stripes, the legs are just wrong man lol And yes I know you did it deliberately to look tomboyish. But it still looks wrong!!!

        Name: ryolo (actually the story is this, I wanted to use RyoSaeba but that's taken. So I chose RyoLost *meaning I lost the name* but I forgot the password and which email that login was linked to so I created a 3rd account ryolo because I was lazy)
        Collecting since: Good question. Probably since about 2005
        How big is your collection: Big. Really big.
        What are you collecting: Gunpla, Figures, Action Figures, Art Books, Anime Box sets/DVD, various other bits and pieces. Oh and untold terrabyes of anime heheh

        Image of the 4 out of 5 detolf cabinet that I have. This one is pretty recent. It's a blended image from multiple photos, so there are some blending issues in some area.

        5th Detolf placed in another corner because the other wall is full


        Collection of Artbooks.

        The T2 artbooks in the collection. ^_^

        Collection of action figures of various Final Fantasy series, Devil May Cry, Guyver, Gundams etc which have been placed on wall shelves because the glass shelves are full. The photos on the wall are my own photos which are printed and block mounted at 20"x30".



        There are still a very large number of Gunpla that I have not build (because I'm lazy) and a number of PVC which are not shown, because they are in their box still. And a number of Zoids in my bedroom collecting a very thick layer of dust which I'm too lazy to clean ahahahaha

        My photo gallery is located here :

        Now that's the Anime related collection. The non-anime related collection is another story


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          Name: Kitee (some know me as HaT)
          Collecting since: 2004
          How big is your collection: About 3 detolfs of figures. I used to have more, but I went through a phase and sold the figures that were impulsive buys.
          What are you collecting: Figures, Gunpla (I paint them), Resin kits (I build them as well)

          Haven't taken any photos of my collection in a while, so this one is pretty old.

          Was on a figure buying hiatus since June 2008, but I have a figured preordered that will be released this month, so I'll post pictures when I get them. ^^


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            Name: Shinobu
            Collecting Since: 04? 05? Dont remember.
            Collection Size: Mediocre
            Collecting Items: Scaled figures (1/8 or above)

            This picture is very old, probably more than 2 years old. My collection has grown for at least 50%.

            Last item bought: Nendoroid Churuya (Dec '09)
            The item before that: I dont remember, but more than a year ago.
            Currently on hiatus.


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              Name: theultimatebrucelee
              Collecting since: figurine 2008, artbook, anime dvd, 2004
              Collection size: not as big as most people above me, but decent.
              Collection consist of figurines, art books, anime dvds, video games, anime cels.

              Picture: due to lack of space, my loots are all being packed up in the storage

              I got a few shots on a small amount of my figure collection here and there, never taken any pic on most of my collections..but I AM a collector..


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                meh, why not...

                Name: GundamJehutyKai
                Collecting since: 1998 for Gunpla, 2004 for Garage kits
                Collection size: not too big volume wise, but it's value is high enough...
                Collection consists of mostly Garage kits which I have built and painted myself along with a number of Gunpla and a few PVC figures and Figmas/revoltechs. I also have a small collection of artbooks.

                Pics are kinda old. I tend to do a refresh every year around the time of my blogs birthday in May. But these pics are the ones which were picked out to be put in that "otacool" book which Kotobukiya and Danny Choo worked on.





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                  Name: smut4biscuit (Nekoyasha outside of Hongfire...)
                  Collecting since: Not sure... around 1999 or 2000 I think
                  How big is your collection: At very rough, conservative estimates - 500-600 doujinshi, 700 raw and English manga, 100 DVDs, 100 gashapon, a few dozen full-sized figures, 20 or so ero games, a small (but valuable to me) collection of cels, and various other knicks-knacks picked up over the years.
                  What are you collecting: See above, but these days, mostly doujinshi and ero games.

                  I don't have any pics right at the moment, but I probably have some pics of the cels I could dig up.
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                    Name: Drakron
                    Collecting since: 2008.
                    How big is your collection: Currently sitting at 33 PVC figures.
                    What are you collecting: Figurines mostly, I do own a few action figures and trading figures but they are not my usual target.

                    Here is a picture when I got a couple of Detolfs since I run out of shelf room

                    Its a relative recent photo but my collection increased from that time.


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                      Name: JmWell
                      Collecting since: 2008
                      How big is your collection:
                      Figures: Over 100

                      Hugging Pillows: Over 20

                      Posters: Over 40

                      What are you collecting: lolicon merchandise
                      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . My Home Page .


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                        wow very nice KnJ collection

                        Collecting since: 200X
                        How big is your collection:
                        Figures: Lost count, had to store some stuff cause i ran out of space

                        been quite a while since i collected TM stuff but my collection again


                        one of my bigger stuff
                        signed by Chiak (Azusa)i herself
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                        Originally posted by HongFire
                        I don't have any hentai games


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                          Name: Michael
                          Collecting since: 1997, 1996, 1987 (respectively)
                          How big is your collection: 300+, 400+, 625 (Again, respectively)
                          What are you collecting: Anime/game figures, anime/game soundtracks, video games. I collect other things as well, but will stick to those that relate to anime and Japan.

                          In regards to video games, I have games for NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, SNES, N64, NDS, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, PSP, NeoGeo CD, NeoGeo Pocket Color, Sega Gen, GameGear, Saturn, Dreamcast, PC, and Wii. I have one X-BOX 360 game but am becoming doubtful I will obtain the system for quite awhile, if ever. I mostly play J-RPGs, but also like 2D fighting, 2D sidescroll, simulation, etc...

                          I do not have any photos or a proper list of music discs at this time, but maybe I will take pictures of a few and post them at a later date.

                          With anime/game toys I have a selection from various titles. I have action figures, plastic models, gashapons, plush, vinyl/resin models, and so forth. I collected the Gundam MS in Action series until its demise. I considered beginning its successor, Robot Damashi, but felt the prices were unreasonable. My most common anime toy purchases now are Max Factory's Figma series.

                          I do not have a complete gallery for either, but do have an IGN list for my games.

                          Most of my figures and J toys still need to be photographed. I will post a few pictures here from amongst what I did do awhile back.


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                            Name: Stringed
                            Collecting since: 2001
                            How big is your collection: idek
                            What are you collecting: too many things? Mostly PVC figures and doujinshi

                            Pictures! These are a bit out of date, but they're close enough.




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                              Name: MetalSamamon
                              Collecting since: 2006
                              How big is your collection: 68 figures
                              What are you collecting: Keroro Gunsou human figures


                              Some Info: I've been collecting Keroro figures ever since I gave up collecting Transformers. I used to be a MISB Transformer collector, with well over 1,000 figures spanning Beast Wars to the first live-action movie. I stopped collecting in 2006 after I lost my job and needed money. But I got another job not too long after I sold all my stuff; and so I started collecting a new franchise: Keroro Gunsou human figures. I only wanted the human figures since the Keronian ones didn't interest me too much; and I've got every single one made to date; plus a few custom ones as well. I also collect Alisa Southerncross merchandise (she's from Keroro) and I have every single thing made that's related to her that I know of.
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