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  • The only real fear of buying a Dakimakura anyone have is people finding out they hug a half naked 2D woman when they go to sleep. Not that I'm judging considering I can't even own one for I live with my family.


    • Originally posted by GMP View Post
      The first amendment has exceptions, so you may want to research on that, man. Anyways, I got mine just today from Hobbyheart. I may put up a picture somewhere soon, so wait a bit.
      Don't know how your experience is with Hobbyheart but mine was good, especially with the Customization *-*
      If you got a really good High-Res Picture for a Daiki.-Cover the Print is really good and its printed on different kinds of materials.

      I wonder if anyone else had problems with zippers, one already demolished, they seem "sensible".


      • Wow, Great stuff with those china Lilith Dakimakura. I may have to get one or two if I can't get my hands on the original


        • Are A&J pillows really easy to deform? Planning to get these but I'm afraid if I'm gonna deform it because I do squeeze kinda tight (and, you know, maybe hump it). Searching for the pillow insides is killing me already @_@

          Also, what do you guys think about this one?

          I'm planning to get that if getting A&J DHR4000 going to be a big hassle or easy to deform (since I have to use shopping service)
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          • Dakimakura... it's the last true hope we have!
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            • They are sold at every anime convention that I have attended. You can also get them at ebay.
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              • I've had experience with the bootleg stuff myself. They usually range in the 30-ish range for price. My problem is that peach skin is...quite rough on the hands. The zippers generally are low quality. I've had one break on me, having it used a grand total of 0 times. They don't resist wear and tear well either, so I do not recommend them.

                The cospa stuff that you can get on amiami are good quality, with a better thread count. It really is night and day in terms of texture if you feel the chinese stuff and the real deal side by side. These are mass produced, and you can find them on ebay as well for a slightly inflated price/around the same price. It's not that bad a deal to get them off ebay in these circumstances, if you don't want to deal with amiami directly. Note that most of these aren't ero-dakis.

                The third kind are the doujinshi ones, made by circles. AFAIK, the only place where I've seen them is in mandarake, and they will cost you ridiculous amounts of money due to their rarity. You'll shell out like 200 bucks on that stuff, so I recommend not using them for sleeping. They're more the hanging type because of that, and generally would be the only way to get ero-dakis of your waifu. So...well them's the breaks I guess. You're paying for the rarity and nudity.

                Most anime conventions will have dakis, but again buyer beware: MOST of those are of the Chinese variant, and yet they will charge as though they're authentic or just slightly below authentic prices. At Comic Con New York this year, I've only seen genuine stuff from the Manga Gamer booth, and basically nowhere else (as I said, the feel gives it away, and the price is almost always 80+ for the real deal stuff).

                I sleep hugging a pillow myself, btw. I actually cannot sleep on a regular pillow. My neck pain magically disappeared after switching to dakis/body pillows exclusively. So...ya. I've got a bunch of pillow covers...

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                • So since my Grisaia Dakimakura Cover is set to arrive very soon, I also had quite some trouble finding a 160cm pillow core for a reasonable price and from trustworthy retailer and arrived at a way different conclusion after reading quite a lot...

                  "Why not make my own pillow or letting it be made? Making a pillow ain't rocket science, that much I even know."

                  and I actually found raw materials which cost as little as 5€ per kg, with a 90% polyester fibers / 10% foam flakes mixture being indeed labeled for pillows (and stuffed animals). Considering that a sheet of about 160cmx100cm should not be that expensive either, to suddenly bring the prize to 100€+ which many demand.... I don't think that this is such a bad idea.

                  Opinions? (Asking in a thread that has not been used for 2 years but this appears as if it had become the general thread or would you prefer yet another Daki-Thread?) Obviously the quality may be a bit lower but most Dakimakura cores already contain polyester if not only so it can not be(come) that bad, right? (Meanwhile who knows how many bootlegs are indeed of low quality anyway).

                  It's funny but at the same time a little sad how there are so many covers being offered now but without cores and the cores are also quite sparse.
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                  • Bump, so I finally got one myself and it's a bit longer than my body pillow I got. Any ideas on filling out the excess?
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                    • Originally posted by EchelonV View Post
                      Bump, so I finally got one myself and it's a bit longer than my body pillow I got. Any ideas on filling out the excess?
                      Sorry for the late reply. How much longer are we talking here? Most covers are normed to 50cm x 150cm so it won't be hard to get a pillow in the right size.
                      Otherwhise you couls simply fill it up with smaller pillows or buy some wool. But a fitting pillow is always the most comfy solution.
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                      • Looks like a good 6 inches of extra.

                        Yeah the daki I got is W500mm x H1600mm.

                        Pillow I got is:

                        The pillow is nice though and seems to stay pretty cool.

                        I'm going to get a second daki and second pillow, so I'll be more careful and am open to suggestions that should fit the dimensions.

                        (if you guessed JAHT, yes I bought two Inyouchuu ones hehe)
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