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  • Buying games from Getchu?

    Questions for veterans who used Getchu outside of Japan :
    I'm living in Germany and I'm really interested in buying a game on Getchu (
    Does Getchu offer download services after purchasing them, or just shipping (i expect the cost to be shocking)?
    Or is it even impossible for foreign countries?

    Edit: Thank you for moving. lol, that's why the search in "hentai games discussion" didn't show any results. There's already a thread
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    Very late reply but I thought I'd put this in for other people's reference.

    Getchu only offers download on the purchase of download versions of the games. If there's a physical and DL version of a game available on Getchu, buying either one will not give you the other. Also Getchu does not ship outside of Japan so you will need to use a proxy/shipping service to ship the goods to you.

    That game art looks quite delicious btw. ^^
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