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Taimanin Asagi Summer Sale Keychains

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  • Taimanin Asagi Summer Sale Keychains

    Hey, everyone. So, due to a glitch, my order for the keychains+Asagi dakimakura+Sakura/Murasaki wallscroll didn't go through, but my money is floating out in the void, and the keychains just sold out. Oh, and trying to do email tech support using Google Translate is a pain.
    So, since I may not be able to resolve the matter in a way that gets me my keychains (the thing that drove me to spend money on H products for the first time in my life), I was hoping to find someone who would be willing to sell me theirs.
    Obviously I'd pay more than the 3,000~ ¥ it originally cost.
    Anyone able to help in some way?
    This has really bummed me out. Since I don't have a job, this was like taking out my life savings ($150~ from $250 total in savings).

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    What did you use to pay for the stuff? If it was a bank you can call your bank and tell them you did not authorize the transaction (i did that once before XD). If it was through paypal you can contact them about the issue, there's a high possibility they may get your money back.


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      I payed through my debit card and already checked my bank and they said they could file a dispute, but that I should talk to IB-LAND (the Lilith shop) directly. But, combine the fact that Google Translate is "fun" to use for business and that I haven't heard back from them in several days, it's been kinda hard to work this out. :/
      Oh, and the charge is "pending", so the money's just floating out there. And since I haven't heard back, I'm not sure what to do, short of filing a dispute.
      So, times. Lol


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        Have you tired asking for help like someone translating for you? There are people here on hongfire that can help you with translation.


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          I might, actually. Thanks! But, I'd like to hear back from IB-LAND, first. I may have to call them...which gets into another translation issue. Hopefully it won't have to come to that.