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So I bought a couple anime wall scrolls at a convention.

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  • So I bought a couple anime wall scrolls at a convention.

    Some of them had hooks and stuff, so that was fine, but others did not. Is there anywhere that I can go buy wall scroll hooks?
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    Really, there are wall scrolls without any way to hang it? I'm surprised to hear that. Was it just a piece of fabric? Did it came with the two end rods? I mean all the stuff I got either has a hang rope, integrated loop fasteners, or came with some loop clips that allow you to secure it to the wall. If it's just fabric, then you can just pin it to walls or use those none permanent picture mounting tapes. If it came with end rods, then I seriously think the hooks might have came off or something. For those cases, most rods has two end caps, so you can get a nylon rope and put the two end in the two end caps and secure it and making it a rope hanging type of wall scrolls.
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