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Wtf is E2046 selling fakes???

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  • Wtf is E2046 selling fakes???

    I usually order from hobby search and other sites, but recently found and preordered a few items, then few weeks later I rechecked the PVC anime figures and it looks differnt!!!

    This is the original Chua Churam (PVC Figure) from hobby search and E2046

    And this is the one iv ordered ffrom e2046, looks so differnt the face and colour and eyes etc, very noticeable!! Is it me or I'm going crazy?!

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    It is a bit odd that the figure you ordered appears to be a kit, almost looks like you are expected to paint it yourself (which would definitely create some variations, but is also fairly unusual for this type of figure from what I have seen). That said, none of the sets appears to look like the other on a more than superficial basis, with the hobby search one looking like the probable winner to me. Just the bases alone is enough to set off a couple of flags for me, and the e2046 units all appear to come in non-standard packaging...
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      e2046 is a vendor that primary sells recast kits. And you do realize what recast means right? Yes they sell both in kits and painted/finished kits. But still they are recast kits. They have since branched out to sell some PVC. The only you ordered ( is a pre-painted kit. Says so in the title. They do also once sold the PVC one ( I don't know if the actual PVC is legit or not. But obviously what you ordered is a pre-painted recast kits and what you would get is a pre-painted recast kit.
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