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Cheap, but relatively high quality dolls

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  • Cheap, but relatively high quality dolls

    I first saw these in Vietnam. There were multiple sizes ranging from 6 inches to 12 inches (I think). But looking at the quality I was kind of afraid to even ask, fearing the price would be something I couldn't afford. Then, on some other time I was heading out to Thailand to represent my school, and got some allowance. At Siam Paragon I was kinda surprised to see these on sale at a massive scale, and at a very cheap price of USD 1.60 each (I can only find the 6 inches ones though)! So I bought 10 of these and got 2 free. x3

    They were sold as key chains, with iron harpoons buried on top of their head, linked to a heavy duty key chain each. Intending to keep them as a collection, I removed these impalement but now forgotten where I kept them (possibly thrown away) I was thinking they'd serve as nice accessories for these dolls. Oh well.

    Anyway, I couldn't find this locally and would really be thankful if anyone can tell me what company made them, where did these bootleg versions came from and where they're distributed to because I'm looking forward to buying some more.

    As for the nature of these dolls:
    -The articulation is almost equal to that of a Barbie doll, except that it can't bend its' knees and elbows, and no rotatable waist.
    -Face paint is almost perfect from doll to doll, except for occasional misaligned blushes on the cheeks
    -As with most cheap dolls, the hair is only built around the edges of the hairline on the head. They do a good job at covering it by either tying the hair into buns or ponytails (but budgeted on tying these into place with only rubberbands), but once they're released (either intentionally or accidentally) like me, you'll be damned if you don't know how to fix a bun or a braid because the back of the head will mostly be bald
    -Clothes aren't meant to be taken off or exchanged. So every doll is stuck to what they have on them, with exception of their heels. The clothes look great though.

    I'm thinking of doing more stuffs with these dolls later. First off, a new headphone I just bought to replace a damaged one came with a really nifty packaging fit for these dolls. I'm getting the idea of customizing the box so they'd look like actual brand toys. xD

    I'm also thinking of building somekind of papercrafts for these babies. Like, voxboard cars and diorama stuff.

    Hope you like them as much as I do!
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    Hah pretty neat. Their head's big, almost like a blythe doll.
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      Yeah, I know right =p
      Very neat for the price I must say. Usually dolls around that price range tend to appear very cheap. This is a luxury product for that price range.