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    Some of my friends are organizing an event to bring figures out for picture taking
    which is going to happen very soon, by then I will have more photos available but the main issue is this figure is huge (the biggest one in my collection)
    and as well as my other figures

    P.S. should have received this figure a week ago, but due to miss delivery and I just found the notice today so.. (ノ´∀`*)
    anyways here comes the photos

    Compare with the TV at the back (showing my website)

    I will take some photos of my room some other time, since it does not relate to this topic

    In conclusion, The figure is very well made (the second most expensive one I have atm)
    and features 2 different bows, the arrow and wings came separately, you can to put them on
    the right hand is rotatable too (provide different shooting angles? (´・ω・`)

    For more photos, update, info and if you wanna ask some question please visit my blog post