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Here are my updates of my anime collection round#1

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  • Here are my updates of my anime collection round#1

    If i choose to i might do more then 1 rounds of updates of my collection of gaming,anime,manga,hentai,doujinshi,Final Fantasy,gaming stuff,anime stuff,manga stuff,hentai stuff,Final Fantasy stuff,foreign movies and foreign shows & if i choose to & of course if i choose to do more then 1 rounds including share with all of you what did i get,what did i buy &/or what did i ordered in my collection and if anytime you wish to share your updates of your collection with me or anyone on here through these round updates anytime then feel free to share your updates.

    Without farther ado here are what I've bought from Walmart when gamestop was closed sometime this weak or on sempter 28th if I'm not mistaking or something like that I've bought of the following Tokyo Ghoul season 1 & Tokyo Ghoul season 2 AKA Tokyo Ghoul Root A & the complete collection of Vampire Knight that have both Vamipre Knight & Vampire Knight Guilty and to go a little off topic the movies I've bought is Scooby doo double features with Scooby do & Scooby do 2 Monsters Unleashed & Harold & Kumar triple feautures Harold & Kumar go to the white castle,Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay & A very Harold & Kumar Christmas too as well .

    And so far i haven't started to watch the complete collection of Vampire Knight yet before any of you ask me have i started yet enjoy and i hope all of you stay safe during & after hurricane seasons .
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