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Whose attending London Anime Con on 5th/6th February 2011?

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  • Whose attending London Anime Con on 5th/6th February 2011?

    Hey All! The next London Anime Con is coming up soon on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of February. In addition to more events than ever before, we have four awesome live-music acts lined up and guests which include Voice-Actress Marianne Miller, the Abridgers LittleKuriboh and MasakoX, J-Culture Expert Akemi Solloway and more. If you pre-pay before the event, then it's just £8 for a day or £15 for both days (or just turn up on the day and it's £10 on the door).
    __________________________________________________ _

    What Is It: London's home for Anime and Gaming Fans who are 18+! From midday to midnight, it is set on two floors, the downstairs being a massive bar for anime, music, video gaming, live-bands and parties and the upstairs being a big 600-person hall for cosplayers, events and exhibitors.
    Date: February 5-6th 2011
    Venue: The Rocket Complex, London Metropolitian University
    Tube: Two minutes from Holloway Road Tube Station (To the North of the Picadilly Line)
    Cost: It costs £15 for both days, or just £8 per day to get in if you prepay, and you need to be 18 years or older. On the day entry is £10 per day.
    Register now:
    Discussion Forums:

    Read more about how to get to the venue, carparking etc at You can view all the events taking place at the convention at

    Day Time Activities - Midday to 6pm

    Taking place on the upstairs stage, downstairs stage, back-room and bar - Artist Alley, Anime Chillout, AMV Contest, BJD Workshop & Doll Meet, Bring and Buy, Cosplay Auction, Cosplay Masquerade, Cosplay Photography, Para Para Dance-Off, DDR Tournament, Dub That Anime, Anime Exhibitors and Dealers, Cosplay Fashion Show, Karaoke, DS:London, Pub Quiz, Abridgers Q&As, Rock Band Tournament, Trading Card Zone (, Video Gaming Room with Tournaments throughout the day, Whose Line is It Anime, The Twilight Skit Zone, Manga Small-Press and Art Dealers. MORE TO COME!

    There will also be a room for all workshops and panels in the bar's side-room

    - Cosplay Workshops by the biggest name cosplayers.
    - Para Para Workshops from the London Para Para Scene
    - J-Culture Talks by Akemi Solloway at
    - Manga Workshops by some of the UK's top manga artists.
    - Origami Workshops by London Origami Society at (They will also have a table for demonstrations and practice all day including Giant Models!)
    - Calligraphy by Shodo Club London at ttp:// (They will also have a table for all day demonstrations and practice)
    - Anime Voice Acting Panel/Q&A by our guests.

    Evening Entertainment - 6pm Onward

    Johnny Lazer (Saturday) - Scottish born, London living front man Antony Cherrie and drummer Laura Fares (Sam Sparro) are joined by Harry Peirson to become... Johnny Lazer. Read more at
    Esprit D'Air (Saturday) - A new four-piece rock band from the UK, highly influenced by the musical subculture of Visual Kei and other various styles of music from Japan. Read more at
    Mechanical Sunrise (Sunday) - With sci-fi porn synth, fuzz-rock guitars, funky bass-lines and unrelenting electro drums, they have been described as "a time-travelling, dimension-hopping space opera, complete with B-movie video and strange 2001-esque visuals"
    Sonic Dragologo (Sunday) - AnimeTV Remix winner and popular solo-artist -

    Followed by the massive Parties we have planned at 9pm onward!

    Saturday Night Otaku Rave by [8-Bit IceCream]: Middlesbrough’s own LastKnight comes to London Anime Con with style; Rock out to Geek Anthems, Rock, Dirty Electronic, Otaku Rave and Live Chiptunes. Bringing together Live Visual Artwork, Big Tunes, and Live Acts together on the Dance floor, for a night of Music, Drinks, Dancing, Freebies and more Costumes than you can shake a stick at!
    Sunday Night WOTA London: Dedicated to Otaku Culture, WOTA London will be playing the latest anime songs on the dancefloor as well as Galge game songs by artists such as I've. Tokusatsu, BL, Touhou and Vocaloid. Check them out at

    Want to do something other than party? We have alternatives!

    Late Night Karaoke Bar (Both Evenings) - Let loose and go wild by singing till your heart's content at our Late-Night Karaoke Bar! Do you think you're the next big-singer in town? Come along and give it a try!
    Midnight Anime Cafe (Both Evenings) - Chill out upstairs in our late night cafe, away from all the music and watch anime until midnight with your fellow attendees!

    Special Guests

    - Martin Billany aka LittleKuriboh and all the UK Abridgers - Martin Billany, aka LittleKuriboh, is the creator of the very popular Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, a parody of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and is also part of DBZ Abridged. MasakoX and DarkSideInc will also be in attendance!
    - Marianne Miller - Voice-Actress. She has made many appearances in anime and videogames, including Dragon Age: Warden's Fall as Leta and her daughter, Young Capek in Monster, Yuuno Scrya in Lyrical Nanoha, Qoo and Magna in Tweeny Witches, and Anwar and Olly in Avalon Code, as well as many appearances in live-action dubs.
    - Akemi Solloway - Akemi Solloway is a lecturer and expert in Japanese culture, the daughter of an old samurai family and learned in the traditional arts and culture of Japan. She will present some talks at London Anime Con (which ones shall be confirmed).

    Video Gaming & London Gamers Con on Sunday

    Saturday will see the Video Gaming taking place in the side-room of the bar. There will be over a dozen consoles along with full DDR setup and Rock-Band setup for tournaments.

    On the Sunday, as well as all of the Saturday Video Gaming setup, we will have DS:London attending to run Bomberman and Tetris DS Tournaments, WeAreArcade running the Gamers Day Quiz, and the highlight of the event; Neo Empire running their Ultimate Clash Xtreme!

    There will be four massive Neo Empire Tournaments which will be £5 entry each, with the money going toward providing big prizes for the winners. All games are 1 v 1. They are Super Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue Continnum Shift, King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match and Tekken 6

    Not only that, have organised a hands-on showing of King of Fighters XIII (13) at the event. WOW.... with no console release date and an extreme lack of in UK arcades, this sure is a great time to see what the game is made of.

    Stay tuned as we have up to two more gaming groups set to be confirmed!

    Exhibitors & Groups Attending

    Exhibitors Confirmed - Animetal, Astral Gypsy, FOTD Looks, KakuLab, Kamika-Z, Manga Market, Neptune Factory,, Roxie Sweetheart, and Anime Pang. More to be confirmed. Up to date Exhibitors List and Art-Dealers at

    Societies/Groups Confirmed - K-Pop Team, Roppongi Team, Heroes Alliance, London Furs, Shodo Club London, London Origami, WOTA London, [8 Bit Icecream], London College Gaming Society, Neo Empire, Cosplay Fever, DS:London, We Are Arcade, The Urban Shogun.

    The Photography shall be bought to you by Cosplay Portrait. They were the official photographers for Amecon 2010 and Alcon 2010 and will also be doing the photography at London MCM Expo October 2010 and for the Grand Cosplay Ball this November.