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London Anime Con 3 on 30-31 July

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  • London Anime Con 3 on 30-31 July

    Registrations are open for London Anime Con III at Rocket Complex on 30th - 31st July 2011 from 11am right through to 1am in the morning. Go signup at to secure your place. Pricing will be at a reduced £15 for two days or £8 for one day if you pre-pay now. This is a 1,000 person event for all 18+ anime and gaming fans alike. We have video gaming, an artist alley, a karaoke lounge, an anime bar/cinema, manga workshops, cosplay workshops, japanese culture talks, origami workshops, five awesome live-bands and more guests, panels and events than you can shake a stick of pocky at(including staples such as the Cosplay Masquerade, DDR tournament, Otaku Fashion Show and Pub Quiz), and two massive night-time parties planned on each night till 1am and plenty more besides.


    Venue: The Rocket Complex, London Metropolitian University. Click here for travel information.
    Tube: Two minutes from Holloway Road Tube Station (To the North of the Picadilly Line)
    Opening Times: 11am to 1am.
    Normal Entry: It costs £15 for both days, or just £8 per day to get in if you prepay. On the day entry is £10 per day.
    Evening Only Entry: If you arrive after 6pm, you can get in for £4 pre-pay or £5 on the door.
    London Anime Con Website:
    Link To Pre-Pay:

    Saturday Event Highlights

    Click here to view the Saturday timetable.

    - Akemi Solloway J-Culture Talks: Japanese Culture expert, Akemi Solloway, the daughter of an old samurai family and learned in the traditional arts and culture of Japan will give talks on Japanese Culture. Make sure not to miss these!
    - Harry Partridge Q&A: Harry is a writer, voice actor and animator whose web shorts have reached over 30 million people online. His work includes the satirical Saturday Morning Watchmen and his musical tribute to Elder Scrolls v: Skyrim. You can check out his work on his youtube and on the BBC Website.
    - Cosplay Workshops: KellyJane, TealPirate & ZombieMama shall be doing LAC3's Cosplay Workshops! Workshops shall range from Body-Painting to Zombie Makeovers, Crossplaying, Youtube Filming, Prop-Making and many more.
    - Cosplay Auction: The Cosplay Auction is one of our big events and has everyone go up for bid, with the winner of each cosplayer getting that character for a two-hour period for the Saturday evening. 50% of the proceeds raised shall go to the convention charity. Go read more here
    - Otaku Fashion Show: We all know there are ALOT of skilled people out there who make their own cosplay and probably make their own clothes. If you fall into this category then we've got en event for you. Got something unique you made but it isnt quite cosplay? Got perhaps an OC you designed that is so glorious/badass you want to give it a place to shine? Maybe you've been to Japan and bought some awesome outfits you feel the world needs to see. Or maybe you just feel inspired by the Harajuku and Shibuya fashion scenes. From Lolita to Ganguro we want to see it all. Go read more here.
    - Pub Quiz: Various rounds on both anime and other more general subjects over five rounds. Get some friends together, make your own quiz team, and join in the fun. We guarantee a good time and much randomness!
    - Operation Mindfu*k: Hentai, yaoi, yuri and adult-material all rolled into one giant mindfu*k. Do you enjoy adult-panels? Come along and have your mind blown, my friends!
    - Johnny Lazer Live-Performance: The hit-band, who have performed at many other events and conventions, return to play for us again. Go listen to their music on their myspace.
    - WOTA London: London party-favorites WOTA London shall be DJing and VJing for our Saturday Night Party! Make sure to come along to dance to all your favorite anime and J-Pop tunes!
    - Unshin Live-Band Performance: Last but definitely not least, we have an exciting UK exclusive! Fronted by Megumu Miyoshi, they shall be playing their debut album live at London Anime Con for the first time in the UK!. The songs shall tell the story of a young girl growing up under the strict pressures of Japanese society. With each track furthering the story and specially-drawn animations screened for each one, it shall represent a visual and musical epic from start to finish at London Anime Con. Go check them out at

    Sunday Highlights

    Click here to view the Sunday timetable.

    - Cosplay Masquerade: The old convention staple event that is the Masquerade. Would you like to show off your cosplay to masses? Perhaps perform a comedy sketch of some anime-based humor. Strut your stuff and have a great time at one of the greatest traditions of the anime world. Want to enter? Go signup at registrations/ops! There will be a £30 cash prize for the best entry as determined by our panel of judges, and a pick from the goodie-box for the best two runners-up. Read more here
    - Bring & Buy: The bring and buy will take place on the Sunday. Make sure to bring along your anime goods and we will sell them for you. Note that a 15% commission will be taken which will go toward con-funds. Go read instructions and get your signup form here
    - MangaFest: The middle of the upstairs dealers room shall be turned over to the Manga Small-press and for workshops and tutorials for aspiring artists! Come along and check out what the UK's manga community is up to! Activities will include Chibi-Clay Modelling, Origami, Calligraphy and more!
    - Masakun and Daniel-San's Violinist and Guitar Performance: Masa-kun is an electric violinist who performs various Japanese related songs. At LAC he will entertain you with film, anime and gaming music, such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Mario, Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy. Watch his performances on youtube here
    - Obakkaa No Gameshow: Japanese Gameshow Madness! Events will include Wasabi eating, picking up peas with chopsticks, writing hiragana with a twist...and other randomness...with forfeits being handed out to the losers of each round. Read more here
    - Neo Empire: As part of Gamer's Day, Neo Empire shall be hosting a number of massive fighting-game tournaments along the lines of Street Fighter, BlazBlue and so forth. More details to come!
    - Nintendisco: The UK's #1 gaming clubnight, Nintendisco shall be rolling into London Anime Con to host the Sunday Evening Party between 7pm-9pm. They will also be present during the daytime to host a number of tournaments involving your favorite retro-games. Expect DJ's, tournaments, exclusive rare games and consoles in this retro-extravaganza! Read more here
    - Zonic Live-Performance: Zonic shall be returning to LAC3 to give a live-performance of her latest music, some of it based on retro video-gaming, such as the Sonic and Lemmings games on the Sunday evening of London Anime Con. Read more here
    - Super-Cute-Voices: Band Super Cute Voices are heavily influenced by Japanese Pop culture and music, especially of the Anime variety. Their live show is based around costumes, lots of props, 8-Bit instruments and choreography. A three piece New Wave Synth Punk band, SCV draw their inspiration from any kind of trashy pop culture and synth pop music. Read more here
    - Dub That Anime: The aim of this event for those who have never seen it before is to dub a 30 second clip of our choice live on stage. The funnier the better. In fact..think Abridging on a smaller scale. This can be done as an individual or group so if you think you have what it takes to be the next LittleKuriboh then read more here.
    - Whose Line Is It Anime?: Back by popular demand, this is based on the popular tv series. Rounds shall include genres, scenes and props. Read more here

    Saturday and Sunday Evenings

    As well as the bands, live-singing and WOTA London and Nintendisco parties, we will also be hosting a Karaoke Lounge in the backroom, for everyone to sing to their heart's content, as well as a chillout zone and anime cinema on the big-screen upstairs. There will also be a Video Games bar for people to sit down and dance on activities such as DDR, guitar hero and so forth.

    As a reminder, if you choose to come after 6pm, you can get in for half-price at just £4 pre-pay (do so at ) or £5 on the door. This represents excellent value for an entire evening and night's worth of entertainment

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