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SP Review 21: Star Wars Saga Legends - R2-D2

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  • SP Review 21: Star Wars Saga Legends - R2-D2

    Steppin' softly in a danger zone
    No weapon in my hand
    It's just this brain, designed by man
    It's got me in trouble again
    In trouble again

    I put my life in jeopardy
    In the service of my friends
    I wouldn't care but it's a dangerous affair
    'Cause I’m in trouble again, trouble again
    In trouble, in trouble, in trouble

    Another Non-Transformers review, first a Triggerheart Exelica book, then a Bumblebee colored Camaro, and now an overweight glob of grease, i mean the Droid R2-D2 from the Star Wars Legends toyline.

    Well, here's R2, it has articulation on it's 2 legs, the little foot is totally unarticulated and it's the same for it's "head", but this figure has a "feature", the blue rectangle on it's body is a button for lights and sound, and it has different sound effects depending of the sensibility of how you press the button, it's sounds are several bleepings to the "Guuuuuaaauuunng!!" scream when it gets hit by a laser or is thrown away.

    A Weapons Bag!, now you can arm other figures and non-Star Wars ones!

    The figure also have more stuff than lights and sounds, it has a "Galactic Battle Game" set with a card, a plastic gray stand with the Star Wars logo, a die with status for the battle game, and a weapons bag for arm your 3 1/2 inch. Star Wars figures and non-Star Wars figures, imagine Indiana Jones, Energon Kicker and Cobra Commander with one of those blasters, yeah, equip all the figures you want with such weaponry 'cos how good is a bunch of weapons for a figure without hands?, well here's my custom Sam Witwicky as an example

    No no no no no no no!, this are my weapons, or how i'd fight against a Decepticon, saying curse words?

    Anyway, this droid could be a nice decoration for your room (with our without Star Wars figures/collectables), i'd give him an 9/10. The Force will be with you, always.

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    If i knew earlier so many riffles included i will buy this back then >_<