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SP Review 22: Power Core Combiners - Darkstream with Razorbeam

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  • SP Review 22: Power Core Combiners - Darkstream with Razorbeam

    By the AllSpark, i don't like repaints but the reason of why i'm buying this repaints of Power Cores are the Mini-Cons, first they're F-U-N to collect, and second, the traslucent plastic makes them look "Special" in a "eHobby-esque" style (except for Beacon of course).

    Darkstream is a Decepticon repaint of the Autobot Skyburst, the colors kinda reminds me of a serious version of the Cyberjet Hooligan from Generation 2, but without the tiger stripes for make it fit with the Stealth jet deal, the wings were kinda loose, exactly the same flaw as Skyburst.

    Like Skyburst, Darkstream can transform into a Gerwalk mode.

    The robot mode is basically the same figure but repainted, but at least they improved the loose joints that Skyburst had. Also the piece in the back that hides the power-up mode head closes with no problem and it locks in place perfectly.

    For a Decepticon, using Autobot Drones could be embarrasing, but they had on choice when the legs are unstable.

    The Power-Up mode is basically the same thing, only red, and Decepticon, nothing more, nothing less.

    Razorbeam is the Mini-Con partner of Darkstream, it's a blue redeco of Chopster, Smolder's Mini-Con, the Vehicle Weapon mode is kinda acceptable, but the Robot Weapon it doesn't fit with Darkstream, due to it's hands design, and since he's a repaint of a 5-pack Commander, he doesn't have a peg for the Power-Up Armor mode, so in Darkstream it goes on the back, but in Smolder, Sledge, and Windburn it works fine.

    To put it simple, this 2-pack is a 6/10 set that's only worthy for the Mini-Con.

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