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SP Review 23: Star Wars Saga Legends - C3P0

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  • SP Review 23: Star Wars Saga Legends - C3P0

    Steppin' softly in a danger zone
    No weapon in my hand
    It's just this brain, designed by man
    It's got me in trouble again
    In trouble again

    I put my life in jeopardy
    In the service of my friends
    I wouldn't care but it's a dangerous affair
    'Cause I’m in trouble again, trouble again
    In trouble, in trouble, in trouble

    More of my Non-Transformers reviews, and since you can't have the overweight glob of grease without the "Mindless Philosopher", i mean R2-D2 without C-3P0, Human-Cyborg Relations.

    This figure is obviously based on the Return Of The Jedi, one of those details is the silver chromed leg, i think it's because of the repairs made by R2 after the events of The Empire Strikes Back, but even with that silver chromed leg, it doesn't look bad, i just hope the chrome lasts for a while. The paintjob is very surprising, specially on the stomach wires and the eyes, very professional and carefully made.

    In case of Failing Human-Cyborg Relations, open the bag.

    Like all the latest Star Wars figures, this one has a Star Wars stand, a dice, card, and like Saga Legends R2-D2, it has a weapons bag with the same 2 rifles and 4 blasters that R2 has, if you had the overweight glob of grease, you'll have an weaponry powerful enough for kill Stormtroopers, Nazis, Decepticons, Cobras, even Serpentor itself will tremble, because as i said on R2's review, they fit with 3 1/2 inch. Non-Star Wars figures...

    Not the best chair in all Endor, but it works.

    May the Laziness be with you.

    ...But the main feature of this figure is the throne made by the Ewoks in Return Of The Jedi when they thought 3P0 was a god. It could be an useless accesory, but it'd be great to display on an Endor diorama.

    C-3P0: A wooden throne, what was George Lucas thinking?
    R2-D2: Blee-blee-bup! (who knows!)

    I'm not a Star Wars collector, but since i'm a fan of the Droids (specially R2), i decided to buy this one, completing the "disfunctional duo" of Droids, 3P0 gets a 10/10. May the Force is with this Droids.

    And for finish this review, here's a little bonus...


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