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SP Review 24: Hunt for the Decepticons - Leader Class Starscream

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  • SP Review 24: Hunt for the Decepticons - Leader Class Starscream

    One of the most anticipated Movieverse toys since it was announced during the last days of the Revenge Of The Fallen toyline: Leader Class Starscream.

    Before starting with the figure, we have to deal with an old, tedious thing: Plastic Twisties

    I just can't believe Hasbro returned to their "Thou shall add a lot of twisties" commandment, and since they used paper twisties in a short number, why they had to make the unpacking a "Via Crucis"?, it's just an unnecesary calvary, but Hasbro's torture doesn't end up here if you bought the Latin American release.

    The pictures doesn't show too much, but unless you don't have the LA release, you can't appreciate how bad is the manual, first is made of a newspaper like paper, easily prone to tearing, and the photos in the manual are blurry, overpixelated and small, and along with the small transformation graphics, they transform the figure's transformation in another Via Crucis that you don't want, it'd be much easier to read a book in arabian than reading this manual. Anyway, let's go with the figure.

    The figure itself looks excellent at plain sight, much better than the voyager from the first movie, the Cybertronian tatoos indicates that the figure is based on the Revenge Of The Fallen version. The articulation is fascinating, articulated hands tight joints, and cool gimmicks, one of them are the arm mounted guns, there's a red lever that reveals and hides the guns in the right arm.

    ...while the left arm has missiles.

    Another gimmick related to weapons is the accessory, if you "hide" one of his hands, you can plug it as an arm extension and it can fire one of its missiles.

    The electronics are another gimmick, on the right shoulder there's a Decepticon symbol button that activates the classic Transformation sound, the cockpit glass can be pulled, making him open his chest and mouth, and this is when the "Oh so genius" reveals, the only things we hear are "Starscream!" and "Decepticons", it only says his name just like Tidal Wave from the Transformers Armada cartoon, at first i tought it was a screw up from the factory, but no. All the Canadian and LA releases got this "butchered" electronics, in the US release it says "No one can defeat Starscream!", and "Decepticons will crush the Autobots", the Battle Hooks Optimus Prime was butchered too, shortening the "I am Optimus Prime" to "Optimus Prime", to be honest what were they thinking?

    After a 24 step transformation we got it's jet mode, the only think that i don't like are the tatoos, they hide most of the jet details, and rather than look like an alien it looks more like some sort of "Space Picasso", but guess what, they're AllSpark runes carved by himself on his exo-structure. But at least it uses the typical Generation One Decepticon insignia instead of the tiny eyed movie one.

    If we see the jet mode from the top, it doesn't look like a transforming toy, and the AllSpark runes show the only good thing they have: hides the "lines" of the transforming parts.

    The jet mode has some gimmicks too, first the electronics. Near the cockpit there's a small Decepticon logo that can be pushed for hear jet engines, push it again and it says "Starscream!" (if you have the International version). As for the rest of the gimmicks, the hand accessory can be attached on the bottom of the jet, and flip the cannon for an Air-to-Ground attack on the Autobots.

    It can also hold it's missiles on the wings.

    I know this is a toy, but the missile attachments aren't against the Stealth fighter principles of the F-22?

    The ultimate Movieverse Starscream figure?, well, i think this has to the best designed figure about this character, the American version is great, the international release has it's electronics flaw, and the japanese MPM-1 (MasterPiece Movie) version has a realistic F-22 paintjob instead of the runes, like in the first movie. So, no matter which version you buy this definitely a must have. 10/10

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