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SP Review 25: Power Core Combiners - Grimstone with Dinobots

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  • SP Review 25: Power Core Combiners - Grimstone with Dinobots
    Harness the Power of Dinosaurs, and they're not the Dino-Riders.

    The 4th wave of Power Core Combiners 5-packs gave us a new surprise giving us a retake of the Generation 1 Dinobots, in this case in the form of a new character called Grimstone

    Grimstone's beast mode is a horned dinosaur, a Triceratops according to the box, but if we take a closer look, the horns and the head frill, it resembles more to the early ceratopsian Utahceratops, just with larger spikes on the frills, i think Hasbro went "Technical" and consider it a Triceratops due to the three horns. but since the Utahceratops also had three horns like most Ceratopsidae, so it also looks like an updated version of the G1 Dinobot Slag, so this is another Power Core figure that fits quite good with your Classics / Universe / Generations, specially if you have Grimlock in your collection.

    Grimlock gets a "Classics-like Slag", two Dinobots, where are Sludge, Snarl and Swoop?

    The robot mode is obviously an entire new design, but keeping aspects of the G1 Dinobots like the silver-gray-red-gold color combination, it doesn't have any weapons but the hands can hold a weapon, on the back there's two black cannons, but they're not detachable, because those are the weapons on Triceratops Mode, the articulation is more hinge based on the arms and legs, the only balljointed part is on the hands, it's head is not balljointed but it can rotate.
    The legs doesn't need the Power Core connector for give some stability to the figure, instead, it has red heels that also require the right angle on the feet for prevent the figure to fall backwards, it's not too difficult but it still needs some patience.

    The Force of the Dino-Arms

    The Dinobots are the Power Core Drones commanded by Grimstone, but they can connect with other Commander figures like Skyburst or Huffer, but who are those Drones and what function they have?, let's take a look

    Parasaurolophus Drone: A long-crested Hadrosaur (duck billed dinosaur), the Drone will probably look like the Tauntauns from Star Wars, but it's a dinosaur. This drone has articulated balljoint arms and it transforms into the Power-Up Mode left arm

    Spinosaurus Drone: The Drone looks more like the Dimetrodon, the name error is not mine, that's how it's called on the back of the box, if you don't know about dinosaurs, the Spinosaurus is a theropod. The only similarity with the Dimetrodon is the huge sail on the back.
    Anyway, this Power Core Drone has a Mini-Con peg on the tip of its tail, and it transforms into the right arm for the Power-Up Mode.

    Ankylosaurus Drone: This "Prehistoric Tank" only sports articulation on its head, it transforms into the Power-Up Mode's left leg.

    Pachycephalosaurus Drone: The thick headed lizard, its only articulation point is the head, flipping down for allow the Power Core connection, transforming in the right leg for the Power-Up Mode.

    The "Dino Pope", i think it should be the Dino Paraoh

    Dino-Pope is how many Transformers fans call the Power-Up Mode, this combined form doesn't have a rotating head due to it's design, but it can close the right hand. Also the colors look more uniform like if they're really part of the gesalt unlike the multicolored Drones like the Aerialbots or the Rallybots, speaking about Drones, the Pachycephalosaurus Drone's tail is a little bit long, it'd be OK if the tail could fold a little, but it gives more stability to the combined form, improving the posability. Thank goodness the drones doesn't fall like the Wave 1 drones.
    Something that i noticed is how the Triceratops Mode frill resembles a skull, the fenestrae (window holes) of the frill looks like eyes, while the spikes are the teeth.

    Clash of the Dinobots, Grimstone will lead the charge!

    My final thoughts about this set are very satisfying. The Drones resemble the G1 Style of the Dinobots, while Grimstone is fits perfect as an alternative to a "Classics Slag" since Hasbro didn't gave us another Dinobot after Grimlock, i just hope they can release more dinosaurs for complete the team in one way or another. Definitely a Must-have for any collector, a 10/10

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    I was expecting they have features to combine with Grimlock ^^but yeah overall they looking great