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SP Review 27: Transformers Dark Of The Moon - Deluxe Class Starscream

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  • SP Review 27: Transformers Dark Of The Moon - Deluxe Class Starscream

    With the movie on less than a month before its release, the toyline is getting the global release, and to begin with the Dark Of The Moon reviews, here's the newest form the Decepticon Starscream.

    Starscream already had different versions: one leader, a couple of voyagers, and a variety of legend class figures, but never a deluxe class so this could mean one thing: A decent rendition or a lame figure to add to your "To be avoided" list, but before we talk about the figure, i noticed a change on the instruction and it's not the language...

    Seems like Hasbro decided to use a more detailed step by step transformation using photos of the prototype figure, a breath of fresh air after all those CG's from the previous lines, thank goodness the prototype pics are well scanned and not pixelated, also you can see which parts are traslucent on the figure.]]]

    Here's Starscream in his F-22 mode, since the movie is not released yet i don't know if the AllSpark runes from Revenge Of The Fallen will appear in the upcoming movie, but what i can say is even with the runes, the figure lacks of a decent paintjob, compare it with this:

    UPDATE: The AllSpark Runes appeared in the movie

    It'd be great if we had the normal F-22 details along with the AllSpark runes, 'cos if the runes chip off, Starscream will be a light gray plastic figure. Just like in the Hunt for the Decepticons Leader class, the runs hides the transformation lines quite good, giving another solid jet mode. Something that i consider useless is the soft plastic jet nose, it's the same as with Skyburst/Darkstream from Power Core Combiners, i could say they did it for safety reasons just like the smokestacks of the 2007 Movie Leader Class Optimus Prime, but only Hasbro knows the answer.

    Bottom view of the jet, it seems like Hasbro learned of how to hide the robot parts in the Leader Class Starscream, and they managed to do the same but in a reduced scale, the robot arms are not visible and those things on the wings are only visible if you look below the jet.

    Transforming Starscream from the jet mode to its robot mode reminded me of the Leader class, but in a quite simplified version, but it manages to keep most of the detailing and articulation, the landing gear on the heels give him more stability and balance, and allows an excellent posability.


    The new gimmick for this movie toyline is the MechTech Weapons System, and for Starscream, his MechTech weapons consists of two Null-Ray cannons, one of them can be used a blade, both weapons can be used on the Jet Mode. But that's not all, both weapons can be combined to form a large weapon, a double-edged sword.

    Where do i saw this "Blade + Gun = Large Blade" gimmick before?

    Starscream/Energon Starscream from Transformers Energon of course, i don't know if that's a reference or Hasbro ran out of ideas, but it's quite curious, both Starscreams transforms into F-22 jets, and have the same weapon gimmick that i mentioned before.

    I think this is a nice representation of Starscream in a small scale, the transformation and articulation are very acceptable, even without the MechTech feature, it's a good figure, i give him a 9/10.
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    For me Except the weapon(too big >_< ) this looks great


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      i am sooooo out of the loop when it comes to such merchandises that i appreciate the time for sharing this with us.

      Originally posted by starcaptor
      I would say Lisa Hayes would probably have the best historical account since shes been on the ship for quite a while. I remember talking to hongfire one on one in the forums for only one thing, and that was...why was the website called hongfire?


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        Thanks for the review, and nice catch of the weapon gimmick similarity with Energon Starscream.

        Energon Starscream looks like he has Thundercracker-colored horizontal stabilizers!

        Speaking of Thundercracker, I found the DOTM Thundercracker redeco of this Starscream. He looks great! I'm hoping Takara's Skywarp redeco makes it to the States.