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SP Review 28: Transformers Dark Of The Moon: Starscream Orbital Assault Carrier

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  • SP Review 28: Transformers Dark Of The Moon: Starscream Orbital Assault Carrier

    One of the new series of the movie toyline is the Cyberverse, a concept that combines the Legend Class figures (now called "Legion" Class) and vehicles that transforms into playsets in the style of the Action Master vehicles and the Micromaster bases.

    The first "gimmick" of this set is the box inside, it can be used as a battle scene, and you know, this is the same thing from the Star Wars vehicles (Clone Wars for example), but i think the vehicle and the figure are enough for work as the playset. But that's enough about the package, let's check the Legion Class Starscream figure.

    I don't know if all the Starscream sets have this problem, but in my case, the tail section of the jet flips down because it's a loose piece, and same for the leg balljoints, but fortunately, that can be easily fixed without breaking things. That's the kind of problems that i hate to deal with a figure, specially when it's an "Original" figure.
    Once it's fixed, we have a more articulated Legend-sized figure with basic posability and something that i liked is the metallic-like reflection from the plastic that breaks with the traditional flat gray of previous figures, this detail is more visible in a lighted area and when you see the figure in certain angles, and in this case that's where the AllSpark runes have to go for appreciate this detail. The only thing that i don't liked was the jet wings on the back like a "Shellformer", i know this is a simplified transformation but they couldn't at least make the wings flip back.
    Also this figure can hold a weapon, i always thought being small doesn't mean they can't hold anything, but the launchable missile makes this gun quite too big for Starscream, but well sized on a Deluxe class figure.

    The figure has a movie equivalent of the Valkyrie/Cyberjet transformation, allowing a Gerwalk mode, but unfortunately it can't stand on its own feet and requires hand support.

    Despite its size and simple transformation, the jet mode is more realistic in terms of visible robot parts in this mode, remember the balljoints on the wings of the 2007 Movie Legend Class Starscream?, the problem was solved in this new figure, and they even painted some details in the jet mode like the thrusters.

    This R-Typesque ship is the Orbital Assault Carrier on its default mode, the Attack Craft Mode, an alien battleship built for one thing: Destruction.

    In this mode, the ship has a hatch for carry Starscream to the battle, but you have to transform it in jet mode. Let's transform on the Battle Station Mode!

    Oh!, S.--!!, not only Starscream had loose parts, but also the OAC has problems too, and with loose parts it can't transform into the Battle Station Mode, so this requires to remove the metal pins, and glue each one of the disassembled pieces and reassemble.

    Transforming the OAC from its Attack Craft Mode to the Battle Station Mode is very easy, it consists of flipping parts and rotating the engines. When you flip the upper part of the ship, it unfolds a platform automatically, like an Automorph/Mech Alive feature. the "Gun" is actually a cannon of the OAC, it can be attached on any mode of it, in this one is attached to one of the engines, making it a turret. This mode is where the similarities with the Micromaster bases are obvious, a base for interaction with smaller Transformers.

    With another parts flipping we got the Space Cruiser Mode, the design looks more like an Aircraft Carrier, and speaking of Aircraft Carriers, you can simulate a taking-off Starscream (or any other Legend Class figure like Cybertron Thundercracker for example)

    In conclusion, this playset stuff looks quite decent, if you're gonna buy this, i recommend you to buy some glue too for deal with the loose parts. I give this set a 7.5/10

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    Wow, sucks that you had to re-assemble your OAC. Mine didn't have any problems at all. Or maybe I was just lucky.
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