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SP Review 29: Transformers Dark Of The Moon - Voyager Class Megatron

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  • SP Review 29: Transformers Dark Of The Moon - Voyager Class Megatron

    Here's my 200th Transformer

    When the first pictures of this figure were leaked, there was a lot of speculation, no one had an idea of who was supposed to be because the pics only showed the Vehicle Mode, making the fans think it could be Onslaught or Motormaster, until it was finally revealed as the new version of the Decepticon leader Megatron.

    The figure comes packaged in robot mode, and with a cape made of rubber, and it snaps in place like a normal plastic part, but think a cloth cape would be better, since Hasbro already used cloth on a Transformer, Darth Vader Death Star from the Star Wars Transformers toyline, if they used cloth before, i don't know what was the problem on use it again with Megatron. But you're gonna ask why someone as Megatron had to use a cape?

    He changed his alternate mode, but not his face, keeping most of the desfiguration he got at the end of Revenge Of The Fallen, why he do that, i don't know.

    If there's one thing to criticize is the "plastic gray" which makes the figure look lame in the paintjob department, a step back from what they learned in Hunt for the Decepticons and Power Core Combiners, but something that i noticed is a metallic flickering in the torso and legs, and this flicker is like it was "injected" in the plastic instead of a paint application.

    About the robot design, the "kibble" is almost abscent, giving a "flat" design, because the vehicle parts are well hidden, and allows a convincing level of articulation, even with a balljointed head.

    Megatron's MechTech weapon is the truck container, which transforms in his Fusion cannon when you press the switch, it's like the Cyber Key weapons from Transformers Cybertron but without the key. You can lock the cannon mode by rotating the switch to the right. Also, this MechTech weapon gives Megatron a G1 look with the cannon in its arm.

    After two alien modes, Megatron finally gets an Earth mode, most fans expected a ship or a tank, and a Truck is quite unusual, unless the idea is to fight Optimus Prime "on the same conditions", if the "plastic gray" was disappointing, the Truck mode is worse. the only paint details is the orange dirt effects, a metallic paintjob would be a little better here.

    Megatron cannot detach the back of the truck due to its design but it can rotate 45º with no problem.

    The cape can be used on Vehicle mode for hide the MechTech weapon, and this can be used on the truck too.

    My final thoughts, Megatron combines a small size and complex transformation in a perfect balance, it's only failure is the "plastic gray", but it's still a must have, one of the very few DOTM figures that i recommend, i'll give it an 8/10.
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    well much better than I thought earlier but yeah lame gray color


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      Megatron is a curious mix of cool and disappointing. Cool in that he has the cab rotation gimmick in vehicle mode and lack of vehicle kibble in robot mode. I find his shoulder articulation rather limiting but otherwise he isn't bad. But yeah, his paint job, or rather lack of, is horrid.
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