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SP Review 30: Transformers Dark Of The Moon - Voyager Class Shockwave

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  • SP Review 30: Transformers Dark Of The Moon - Voyager Class Shockwave

    It was a matter of time until i finally get this figure in my hands, and i to be fair, it doesn't let me down although i found some flaws.

    To begin with, the arm articulation lifts up with a little inclination due to it's transformation, but it still can rotate in full 360º with no problems, also the shoulder joints are a little bit loose, but it can be fixed with no problem. Second, the hose on it's back isn't long enough and it results in one thing, limited arm articulation, as for the good things, like Megatron, it doesn't have a lot of vehicle mode kibble or "junk" on the back, and it doesn't take a lot of space in your shelf.
    The wheels on its back give a "Powering Up Engine" effect because they can rotate, i know this free wheel parts is common on Transformers, but in DOTM Shockwave's case, they look like a powering up kind of thing, it only needs a little of imagination for that.

    Shockwave's MechTech weapon is a large cannon in the purest style of his G1 self, but unlike it's counterpart of the 80's, he has the cannon on the right arm, and this weapon pops out two additional weapons by simply pressing a button and locking the button to lock the cannons too. The MechTech cannon can hold a weapon, while Shockwave itself can hold three on his vehicle mode.

    We didn't saw an alternate mode in the movie, but Shockwave transforms into a Cybertronian tank (Ground Assault Mode according to the package), The GAM can't rotate the cannon, but it can be lifted to aim any airborne Autobots, too bad the MechTech cannon can't fire missiles, that would be a nice gimmick.

    To finish this review, i can only say this thing is a very acceptable representation of the new villian from the movie, altough the colors are more G1 like instead of the almost black purple from the movie, Shockwave is a Must Have. 9/10

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