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SP Review 31: Transformers Dark Of The Moon - Cyberverse Powerglide

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  • SP Review 31: Transformers Dark Of The Moon - Cyberverse Powerglide

    Continuing with the Dark Of The Moon reviews, here's another Cyberverse figure that got my attention: Powerglide

    Like his G1 self, his jet mode is an A-10 and it keeps his original colors unlike the white Ultra Class figure from the Universe / Classics 2.0 line, i have the Universe figure, and although its a good one, the Cyberverse Powerglide is way better. Another point of being a Legion Class figure is it makes a better homage to the Minibots due to its size.

    It was a good idea to make this figure capable of carrying weapons on its wings, adding some realism to the jet mode. I can recognize some of the weapons like the AGM-65 "Maverick" (or it could be the AIM-45 "Phoenix" because both misiles have an almost identical design), a GBU bomb, two AIM-9L Sidewinders and what it looks like a rocket pod.

    The robot mode looks pretty decent, but it has some flaws, first off, the tabs that connect the wing-shoulder part with the robot body aren't tight, and everytime you move the figure it will snap off, and also the arm and leg balljoints are loose, typical bad quality flaw, i thought they learned their lesson after the disastrous Revenge Of The Fallen line, but no, it seems like Hasbro doesn't learn from their mistakes. Fortunately all this "Loose flaws" are fixable. With all the flaws fixed we got a very well made Robot mode, it doesn't look too much like the movie characters, instead it looks like a hybrid between G1 and the Movie, just like Huffer from Power Core Combiners, and the robot mode can be recognized as the good old Powerglide. About the articulation it looks above the basic stuff, balljointed hips, shoulder, hinged elbows and feet and its hands can hold small weapons.

    Remember the missiles?, the weapons can combine and be used as a "gun" for robot mode, and i put it in quotes because it doesn't look like a gun, i guess it's a missile launcher, but who knows.

    Final toughts: Powerglide may not look like a movie character, but it looks more appropiate for your Classics/Henkei/Universe/Generations figures. It looks very faithful to the Generation 1 homage. Despite all the flaws, this figure is quite worthy for any collector, i give this figure an 8/10.

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