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SP Review 32: Transformers DOTM - Target Exclusive Voyager Class Starscream

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  • SP Review 32: Transformers DOTM - Target Exclusive Voyager Class Starscream

    This repaint of the Voyager Class Starscream from Revenge Of The Fallen was released in the US as an exclusive from Target, but in a twist of fate, Sears released both Starscream and Ratchet as their exclusives for the mexican market, and since i didn't bought the ROTF Voyager before i decided to pick this one up.

    To begin with let's talk about the package, for the Mexican release they used the "European Multi-Language" version adding the stickers of Sears and Hasbro's Exclusive Product, it's kinda weird to see the Europe package instead of the Latin American "Four Language" version.

    The figure comes packaged with two manuals, but there's a diference, one is the "Hasbro Default" Euro-version, and a "Latin American Bundled" manual, but unlike some releases where the LAB manual is in spanish, in this case the manual is a copy of the European one, the differences are the newspaper quality of the paper and the phrase "Instructivo - Lea el instructivo antes de operar el juguete". Speaking of manuals, the illustrations return to the "Line Art" unlike the Prototype pics of the DOTM line, i guess what happened was that Hasbro doesn't have the prototype of the figure and instead they used the illustrations of the ROTF one.

    The Target/Sears exclusive figures include an IDW comic, it was nice to see Hasbro re-using the "Comic Included" idea from the days of the Armada and Energon toylines where the Dreamwave artists worked on the comics. It's a quite short story but it doesn't look too "commercial" or simplistic, it seems like IDW doesn't fool around when it comes to make a good comic, and this one might be short but it got your attention. Something that i noticedi how they drew Starscream on the cover, "Rune-less" and based on the toy rather than the movie CG.

    The jet mode looks more realistic with the gray plastic unlike the tan-brown of the ROTF, also notice the traslucent red plastic, not all Starscreams were released like this, the first releases came with solid red plastic, and they fixed that issue. Back to the jet mode, the parts that forms the robot legs have less Runes, improving the overall design of the F-22, speaking of AllSpark Runes, they look much better with that metallic paint, in some angles and different lighting they look invisible or even "dark gold". If there's a complain about the design that's the visible robot hands behind the engines. But to be fair, this was Hasbro's second attempt to make a Voyager Class Starscream, and this design was a waaaaay better than the 2007 one.

    Although i have the 2007 Voyager, i've got to admit it, the ROTF mold looks much more realistic in terms of design and even on a simple thing like weapon storage.

    The robot mode is a whole new thing, starting with an entirely new transformation and finally, Starscream have hands. If you take a good look you'll notice how the folded half-wings on the back resembles his thrusters, that's a nice use of imagination for the design. The figure may not have a MechTech weapon, but it has a MechAlive gimmick: The gears on his chest spins when you turn the head.

    More comparisons with the 2007 Voyager Starscream, much better and with "launchers and hands", not "launchers for hands", speaking about launchers, remember the "Pop-Out Launchers" fiasco on the ROTF version?, in the DOTM release they mention this again, and you can see how they're deployed in the manual.

    But unfortunately, Hasbro didn't fixed that. They announced this again on the ROTF repaint Nebular Starscream and the Hunt for the Decepticons 2-pack "Starscream's Assault", also in the manual you can see how the robot hands are articulated, but in the toy aren't. In any perspective that's false advertising, and you know what's the most saddest and pathetic part of this?, You can see the "mechanism" sculpted (notice the "Pins" in the cannon), like if Hasbro had the idea but they didn't finished it. Fail for Hasbro.

    Despite the pathetic Pop-Out Fiasco, This repaint of the ROTF Starscream is still well made, even the colors are better, and the overall design is excellent, definitely a must have. 9/10.

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    I think the 80's Transformer movie is way batter than the trilogy.