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SP Review 33: DOTM Cyberverse Autobot Ark + Autobot Roller

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  • SP Review 33: DOTM Cyberverse Autobot Ark + Autobot Roller

    Well, i'm not a big fan of playsets, but just like i said on the Starscream Orbital Assault Carrier, this thing of the Cyberverse playsets are just a re-take of the Micromaster bases of the G1 era (Countdown's Rocket Base for example), and the Autobot Ark is a perfect example of this.

    Before talking about this set, let's start with the instructions, this time they used both Line Art and Prototype pics, but in Roller's case, you're gonna need a magnifying glass, i think it would be more useful if they splitted in the instructions of the Ark and Roller instead of putting them together in one manual.

    Before i opened the box i tought the ship would be bigger, but it's size is between a Voyager or a Leader in its vehicle mode, just check the comparison with Classics Rodimus.

    The Spaceship Mode has a very menacing design that will make you think this is a Decepticon vessel. Just look all of its weaponry, there's like 24 cannons in total for a "frontal" attack, while the defenses are a couple of cannons on its back capable of rotate at full 360º with an 180º elevation, resulting in a "support" when the Ark is transformed to it's Space Station Mode, the ship's design makes me think of the Maximals ship from Beast Wars and the Mini-Cons Spaceship of Transformers Armada rather than the G1 Ark, i think it'd be a better idea if i saw this as an updated version of the Autobot's flagship.

    I noticed some hold that can hold any type of 5mm peg weapons from normal guns to Energon and MechTech weapons, allowing any possible weapon combinations and giving more firepower to the Autobots ship.

    The cockpit can be opened so you can take a Legion/Legend Class figure or a Mini-Con to pilot the ship.

    Transforming the Ark from Spaceship to Space Station isn't a hard thing to do, once we've done with the Transformation, the ship becames a battle station with Space Bridge pilars, a Decepticon Prison Cell that only works with Legion Class Cyberverse figures (Commanders doesn't fit), a rotating cannon in front of the prison cell, a DJ Turntable... sorry i mean the Mobile Repair Platform, but seriously, it looks more like a turntable rather than a medical platform I'm not gonna bother on try the electronics, but from what i saw on many reviews, the Ark have the classical G1/R.I.D. Transformation sound when you transform the Ark from its Spaceship Mode to Space Station, and laser firing sounds as well.

    The Ark's main weapons can hold a missile, but one of the guns is able to shoot while the other is just for pure decoration, pretty much like the shoulder Launchers of the FansProject's Commanders and the "Comet Tail" of the 2007 Movie Protoform figures

    Also, in the very style of FansProject's G3 Trailer, the Ark's weapons can be detached and they can be used with other figures like Deluxes or Voyagers, even with Third Party accessories.

    The ship is not the only thing of this Cyberverse set, there's one more thing to review: Autobot Roller

    Roller's vehicle mode is a Lunar vehicle that kinda reminds me of those space-themed vehicles of Lego System. The paint apps are fairly decent, like the metallic blue on the solar panel parts of the vehicle, the vehicle have a movable arm along with other two movable panels.

    Here's Roller on his Robot Mode, you'll be noticing something familiar on his head, yep, his head resembles Optimus Prime in a reference to the original G1 Roller, the mini vehicle inside Optimus' trailer. The arm proportions are off, resulting in an asymetrical robot mode like some of the designs of the Robots In Disguise era. The hip balljoints are a little bit loose, but it doesn't compromise the stability of the figure itself.

    I'm not a fan of playsets but i'm not regreting for buying this, it'd be great if Hasbro can make a Decepticon base for this Cyberverse line, that would be great. as for the Ark set, i give it a 9/10.

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    Great review nicely done.
    What screen resolution are you using in 2016?


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      hmmm Doesn't looks like movie accurate, but It looks nice too and at got new robot I was thinking that would be a Sentinel Prime inside hahaha