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SP Review 35: Galaxy Defender - Variable Cyberbot (Happy Well's Valkyrie)

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  • SP Review 35: Galaxy Defender - Variable Cyberbot (Happy Well's Valkyrie)

    Bootlegs, most of them are the common cheap and easy to break plastic figures, but this one might be cheap but not fragile as your average knock off toy. I'm talking about the Galaxy Defender "Variable Cyberbot" made by Happy Well.

    Most of you will recognize Happy Well by their RoadBot line of transforming cars, but before they release the RoadBots they had another line called Galaxy Defender, where they released knock offs of Brave/Yuusha mechas, Power Rangers Zords, Transformers and in this case Macross (Although the VF-1 was released in the Transformers line as Jetfire)

    The figure itself is a Knock off of the VF-1S Valkyrie from the Macross series, the box might be huge, but the figure is based on the 1/60 Valkyries. There was two versions released by Happy Well, the "Basic" which only includes the Gunpod, and second release which included a light-up shield, both releases are packaged on it's Battroid Mode ("Fighter Mode" in Happy Well terms)

    The Fighter Mode (Called "Patrol Mode in the package) is the same as the original VF-1S, but with some re-sculpt in some parts, like the wings and the additional detailings, i don't know too much about Valkyries, so i still have two questions.
    1.- Is this figure based on the Bandai or the Yamato version?
    2.- Does this figure is compatible with the Fast Packs?, i don't know if the extra sculpting ruined the compatibility.

    Back to the review, the figure is not your cheap plastic model, this thing is pretty heavy and made of a very accepatble quality plastic, and it has diecast parts on the landing gear and the leg section, according to the box, this toy has "Compact metal joints for intensive use". The gray-silver combination looks quite like an urban/space station like colorscheme, along with some original detailings the Griffin System emblem and the GS-11 number, i like to call them "VF-1 from Another Squadron", but nothing than an UN Spacy sticker wouldn't fix don't you think?

    The landing gear is not just diecast, it's spring loaded. I don't know if an official Valkyrie has that, but it still being a nice gimmick

    The cockpit is detachable and you can see the pilot seat, although it wasn't molded to put a figure it's still have a quite decent detailing.

    The Gerwalk Mode (Called "Combatant Mode" in the box) is a hard to achieve mode for the average VF-1 bootleg, but as you can see the Variable Cyberbot has no problem to perform this mode, every part of this figure holds well and can hold it's Gunpod with no problem.

    And for finish up this review here's the Battroid Mode on all its glory, it has all the articulation of an original vintage Valkyrie, ratcheting joints, rotating head, sliding fists and articulated feet/thrusters. This figure can assume a run and shoot type of pose without falling.

    It might be a bootleg of a Macross Valkyrie, but its still being a curious gem for Macross collectors, even if its not an official product, this figure wouldn't look bad in your VF-1 collection. I don't know why Happy Well didn't bootlegged more Valkyries, it'd be nice to see a Galaxy Defender version of the YF-21 or even the VF-25 Messiah, only time will tell.

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