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SP Review 36: Galaxy Defender - Aerobot

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  • SP Review 36: Galaxy Defender - Aerobot

    Continuing with the Galaxy Defender/KO Valkyries reviews, here's the second Valkyrie of Happy Well.

    Although Happy Well bootlegged several mecha figures like Brave/Yuusha, Macross and Transformers, they created an original figure called "Aerobot", this robot is obviously based on the Macross Valkyries due to the Fighter>Gerwalk>Battroid type of transformation. At first it looks like a promising figure but it'd be really promising or a must avoid?, let's find out.

    Here's the Aerobot on its Fighter Mode, a design based on the F-117A Nighthawk, but with an blue-ish urban camo like colorscheme unlike the Variable Cyberbot's gray and silver colors. it can store both Gunpod and shield on the bottom part, covering the robot parts and giving a more aircraft look. The materials used on this figure are inferior if we compare it with the Variable Cyberbot. The Aerobot is an all plastic figure, it feels a little bit cheap, the landing gear doesn't have free wheels, and it doesn't have diecast metal parts. Like the Variable Cyberbot, this figure also comes with a sticker sheet.

    Here's the Gerwalk Mode of the Aerobot, although the figure have some quite loose parts, it can transform without falling down. The overall look of the Gerwalk Mode looks more like a jet with added robot parts unlike the Valkyries "No longer a jet, but not quite a robot" kind of look. But at still it looks better than the Gerwalk Mode of the VF-17 Nightmare.

    The Battroid Mode looks pretty decent except for the humanoid face which makes the robot look more like a Transformer rather than a Valkyrie. The articulation is very acceptable but it's a disappointment that this figure have some loose joints like in the forearms and the sliding hands, but those problems can be fixed, the arms and legs are in ratcheting joints (you know, those joints that makes "Klak!-klak!-klak!" when you move them).

    Also, the size of the Aerobot is smaller than the Variable Cyberbot since it doesn't use the 1/60 scale of the Macross Valkyries, here's a comparison with the Voyager Class Optimus Prime figure from the Transformers Classics line.

    Besides of the loose joints and the lack of diecast, it's still being a curiosity for both Macross and Transformers fans.

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    It was all good up until the head. That head just totally kills it for me. Makes it look like a goofball. orz
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